Pro Picks winners are named |

Pro Picks winners are named

Staff Reports

Gerald Dwyer and Dick Whited were the winners in the Pro Picks Contest for week two.

Dwyer won in a tiebreaker with Al Cooksey at the Carson Station. Dwyer and Cooksey each missed two, with Dwyer coming closest to the total of points for the winning team on Monday Night Football. Dwyer picked 21 points for the Philadelphia Eagles while Cooksey had 19. Warren Tucker placed third at the Carson Station, missing three and picking 20 points for the Eagles.

At the Pinon Plaza, Whited also needed a tiebreaker to beat Helen Scott. Whited and Scott each missed two. Whited had 23 points for the Eagles while Scott had 21 points. Hank Elder placed third with three wrong and had a score of Washington 20, Philadelphia 13 for the Monday night game.

Winners receive $250, second place finishers receive $150 and third place finishers receive $100.

Whited also won last year. While he does a great deal of research, Whited said it doesn’t make much of a difference.

“I keep all the numbers,” he said. “I keep all the scores. I don’t see that makes a whole lot of difference. I just pick them. I think it’s mostly luck.”

Whited said part of his winnings will go to bet on this weekend’s games.

“I’ve got a couple little bills I can take care of and I can make a few little wagers. It’s a must. You have to do that.”