Proposal to tweak playoffs for 2011 is on the table |

Proposal to tweak playoffs for 2011 is on the table

Darrell Moody

Don’t look now, but Northern 4A football could get a one-time only tweaking for the 2011 season.

According to Carson football coach Blair Roman, there is a proposal on the table that would call for 4A teams to play every other 4A team next season. Roman said the proposal will be voted on in late January. It would only be for the 2011 season because there is an extra bye week because Northern Nevada is hosting the state championship game.

Roman said he likes the proposal because you would get a “true champion” in the regular season. He said the sticking point is that there are a couple of schools out there that apparently already have nonleague contracts signed for next year.

It’s a great idea, and it could work even if schools have nonleague gams already schedule. Cut the playoffs down to either top four or top six and the problem is solved. See, wasn’t that easy?

The football playoffs are too long anyway, and they have an adverse effect on basketball, especially if the 4A continues with the idiotic format that is in place.

A shortened playoff is one thing that Roman and I always argue about.

Two teams made the playoffs this year with less than .500 records. I’m all for having an eight-team football playoff if there are eight teams that have .500 or better records. A 2-6 or 3-5 team doesn’t deserve a spot in the playoffs.


One of the other stories floating around is that Wooster wants to return to 4A football in 2012.

According to reports, Wooster football coach Gray Levy was recently let go by the school because he wanted the Colts to stay either independent or go 3A in football. School officials, for whatever reason, want to play 4A.

The NIAA said that nothing has been decided, and if the Colts do want to go back to 4A that they would have to go through the realignment/hearing process like anybody else.

The question is why would the Colts want to go back up to 4A? They weren’t competitive from 2004 to 2009, going 7-52, including winless seasons in 2006 and 2009. Playing essentially a 3A schedule, the Colts went 2-8 this season.

Wooster has the enrollment to be a 4A school, but it isn’t competitive in that many sports. Baseball is the Colts’ best sport.

School officials at Wooster can’t argue travel costs for football, because they used to go to South Tahoe and Fallon, both former 4A schools who are now in 3A. Fernley and Dayton aren’t that far, and neither are Sparks and Truckee. Spring Creek and Elko are a pain to go to, but for football it’s only every other year, and we’re only talking about football here because Wooster is 4A in the rest of the sports.

Do school officials like to see their team get slaughtered all the time? Is that fair to their student-athletes? In 2009, the only competitive game Wooster played was in the last week of the season when it lost 21-12 to Fallon. Against Carson, the Colts gave up six touchdowns on seven snaps.

The Colts belong in 3A for football. It’s the best thing for that once-proud program.