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Q&A Branden Beeghly: 2016 grad now at University of Benedictine in Mesa

Thomas Ranson
Ex-Greenwave star Brenden Beeghly played two seasons in North Dakota before transferring to the University of Benedictine in Mesa, Ariz.
Thomas Ranson / LVN photo

Branden Beeghly, a 2016 Fallon grad, made his mark with the Greenwave baseball program before turning the page to the next chapter of his life. Beeghly, who’s father, Randy, who was inducted into the Greenwave Hall of Fame last year, finished his second year at Williston State College (North Dakota) and is now at the University of Benedictine in Mesa, Ariz. Beeghly took some time to reflect on his time with Fallon and in the Midwest as he prepares for his new adventure in the desert.

LVN: Who did you want to model in being a leader on and off the diamond?

BEEGHLY: Mason Przybilla — he was my team leader my freshman year. He always had clear head and kept his head on straight. He was able to lead us to a conference championship. He also helped me out a lot with my mental side of the game.

LVN: You had a great career playing baseball in Fallon, including a state championship. How do you want you to be remembered as a student-athlete in Fallon?

BEEGHLY: I would like to be remember as a student athlete that everyone watched grow up and was excited for me to leave and encouraged me to leave the state and display what our great hometown portrays.

LVN: For this year’s senior class, what would you advise them in their final year with the Greenwave based on your experiences in college?

BEEGHLY: Have no regrets, don’t look back and think about how much more work you could have done in schooling, athletics or in the community. You may read this now and think that you won’t, but the littlest things like skipping a rep in weight lifting, or not studying the for an extra 30 minutes to go hangout with friends could keep you from getting that base hit, shot, takedown, tackle, or that 89 percent that you could have got a 90 percent by just taking that extra time. Time flies, don’t let it fly by without you.

LVN: What were your goals for the past season on the diamond, what did you accomplish and what do you look forward to?

BEEGHLY: My main goal was to work on my mental side of the game. I was fortunate to finally wrap my mind around composure and mental toughness. I was able to hit .404 this year and I have never felt more accomplished. I look forward to the next two years in Mesa, Ariz., attending the University of Benedictine to play baseball and get my degree in Criminal Justice. After completing my degree, I plan on going to flight school to possibly fly choppers for Careflight.

LVN: What are the differences and similarities in playing baseball at the collegiate level versus high school?

BEEGHLY: For one, the speed of the game speeds up. Players are faster, players are smarter and coaches are not there to be your friend. Habits that you have as an individual will shape the player you will be. Bad habits make you a bad player. Good habits make you a decent player. Great habits make you an excellent player.

LVN: Why was it important to participate in sports in high school? What were the benefits?

BEEGHLY: I believe that there is nothing else comparable to high school sports. That’s where friends change to family. You create an amazing bonds with teammates that are almost inseparable. People will move away and life goes on but you’ll always be in touch with them.

LVN: What do you miss most about putting on the green and white?

BEEGHLY: I miss the small-town atmosphere. Everyone is super supportive and makes you grateful for your home town.

LVN: You found yourself in North Dakota for your first two seasons and will be back in the desert next season. Discuss your college choice and what led to that decision. What drew you to want to pursue your next chapter there?

BEEGHLY: I never imagined myself being in Williston, North Dakota, because of some circumstances that happened my senior year led me to this town. I have been in Williston for two years, and I absolutely hated being here. But as I met people throughout the years, I met amazing people that accepted me into their families and made me feel at home.

LVN: What were you most nervous about leaving Fallon and starting a new adventure?

BEEGHLY: Losing friends and relationships. But I still have all my friends and the same support that I had when I left to when I return.

LVN: Who has been your biggest influence?

BEEGHLY: Matt Zaleski, Jared Ward, and Bobby Skoonover. Matt was my teammate for my two years at Williston and has helped me shape into a better leader on and off the field. Jared was my training coach this last year. He came in ready to roll, and put in work on and off the field. Jared just looks into life from different side of the spectrum and that’s what made him a huge mentor to me this season. Bobby brought a new hitting program to the tons which was a huge success for us. Bobby would constantly talk to me about what I needed to do to get to the next level and helped me get recruited by the University of Benedictine. I am extremely thankful for the time and work these mentors did for me.

LVN: How was your family involved with your career?

BEEGHLY: My mom and dad have always been so supportive and have formed me into not only the athlete I am but the person I am. I will never be able to repay them for all the camps, time and effort that they have been through. All of my other surrounding family has been very supportive asking how baseball and school is going every time we talk and knowing that my family cares that much, fueled me to be the successful student athlete they knew I could be.