Realignment appears to be a done deal |

Realignment appears to be a done deal

Darrell Moody

The final NIAA realignment vote is slated for Wednesday in Reno, and from all indications I’m getting, it should pass without a problem.

I still have a problem with Wooster being allowed to stay in 4A for all sports except for football. The Colts haven’t been that competitive in team sports, save for baseball, for a long time and really should join Fallon and South Tahoe and Elko at the 3A level on a full-time basis.

There are already some problems with 4A football. With an 11-team league, a schedule has been drawn up for eight league games, meaning each team won’t have to play two conference teams. Teams normally play nine games and can play a 10th (Hall of Fame game) which costs the school money to host. I’m not sure why the 4A can’t play a nine-game league schedule where you are only missing one opponent each year.

Another issue that has arisen is the playoff system. The athletic directors favor a six-team playoff with the top two finishers getting byes.

“The coaches association wants eight,” Carson coach Blair Roman said. “We feel that going backward (less playoff teams) isn’t a good thing. We know there may be one team that makes it with a losing record. Having a bye isn’t always an advantage.”

By losing South Tahoe, Fallon and Wooster to the 3A there will be a lot more parity in the league, according to Roman. Those teams were 0-64 against playoff teams, according to research done by the coaches association.

“If you’re trying to build up a program, and you have some seniors, it would be nice to give them a taste of the playoffs,” Roman said. “Let’s go one more week for the kids.”

Roman said the final decision will come in the next couple of weeks which gives the coaches some more time to argue their case.

Personally, I’m for six teams because if you have some kids nicked up, the extra week of rest would do them and the team good. You want to be at full strength whenever possible once you hit the post-season part of the schedule.

Whatever is decided will only be in place for two years because it is considered an emergency realignment, according to Roman.

In basketball, Carson coach Bruce Barnes said he’s been asked to represent the coaches’ interests.

As of right now, basketball will be split into two divisions next year. Galena, Douglas, Wooster, Carson, Damonte and Manogue will comprise one division, while Reno, Spanish Springs, North Valleys, McQueen. Reed and Hug comprise the other.

The format being submitted is that teams will play each of the teams in their division twice and cross over to play teams in the other division once.

Barnes doesn’t think it’s right. He has no problem playing the crossover games, but don’t feel they should count in the standings.

“It means that you’re going to be playing games that count without having your full roster,” Barnes said. “What if your football team makes the playoffs? You might be missing some guys.

“I usually schedule two or three (crossover) games every year. We all do.”

That’s because districts are putting more and more pressure on teams to stay close to home for games for economic reasons.

• I like the idea of Nevada’s baseball team going up against the Reno Aces, but I’d honestly rather see the D-Backs play the A’s or Giants in an exhibition game in Reno instead. The D-Backs should do everything in their power to make it happen within the next couple of years.

• I’m a firm believer that the best players in the league should be on the all-league team, but that doesn’t always happen around here, and I blame it on the format that 4A basketball coaches use.

I don’t believe that players should get slots based on where their team finished during the regular season. In the 4A, the league champ gets three spots, the second place team gets two, the third-place team gets two and the last spot goes to a player from any one of the other teams.

Come on guys. This is high school ball and tough decisions need to be made. Heck, if the best team in the league has the best five players then that is the way to go. This system penalizes the good player on a bad team who doesn’t have much help.