Rendezvous is set |

Rendezvous is set

for this weekend

That club is a local organization of muzzleloader (black powder) shooting enthusiasts dedicated to preserving the ways and traditions of the early west explorers known as mountain men.

Those men and women dress in buckskins, carry weapons of that era and camp in a similar fashion to the long ago individuals, who explored the west.

The Rendezvous will be held at the club’s range at the far west end of Rhodes Road in the southwest portion of Carson City.

It can be reached by taking Carson Street south until reaching Rhodes Road or by taking Curry Street south until reaching the Greenhouse Garden Center.

In either case, turn onto Rhodes Road and follow it west to the encampment. The dirt portion of that road does not require four-wheel drive.

This unique, annual event features individuals dressed in either mountain man or Native American attire, complete with the tents, tepees, equipment, food and weapons of that era.

Included in the list of weekend events are such activities as black powder rifle shooting, black powder pistol shooting, knife throwing, tomahawk throwing and a special candle shooting contest.

The candle shoot will be held on Saturday evening. Contestants must try to load their muzzleloaders in the dark and then shot out the flame of a lit candle, without hitting the candle.

The rendezvous will also feature traders and vendor booths offering assorted items for sale.

There is no charge to attend the rendezvous or to watch the various events and activities.

The rendezvous will conclude on Sunday at noon with an awards ceremony to be followed by the traditional breaking of camp by the mountain men.

For information, call Li’l Hawk (Curt Shufelt) at 887-1221, Two Falls (John Considine) at 884-4542 or Booshway Kryer (Ben Merrell) at 883-7736.