Rotter has strong weekend in FIS event |

Rotter has strong weekend in FIS event

Staff Reports

Carson City’s Corrinne Rotter continues to make a name for herself on the national level in alpine skiing.

The 16-year-old Rotter, who has been skiing on the national level for several years, is coming off an outstanding performance this past weekend in a Western Region International Sk Federation (FIS) series event at Mammoth Ski Resort. Rotter attends Reno’s Sage Ridge Academy.

After starting 24th in the slalom events, Rotter placed eighth overall on both Saturday and Sunday, finishing behind Sage Ridge ski team teammate Katie Lyons, who was third. The race was won by Katie Hitchcock, who is on the U.S. ski team.

Saturday’s combined times were Hitchcock, 1:35:39, Lyons, 1:35:72 and Rotter, 1:38:92. Sunday’s times were Hitchcock, 1:37.17, Lyons, 1:39.77 and Rotter, 1:41.11.

Rotter was fifth overall on the second run of the race on both days. Rotter had a personal best score in FIS points in the slalom with 51.75 on Sunday. Hitchcock has an FIS score of 17.49. FIS points are used to seed athletes onto the U.S. ski team.

Rotter’s score places her high in the country in the J-2 division for 16-year-olds.