Rugby clinic to be held Saturday at Mills Park |

Rugby clinic to be held Saturday at Mills Park

Carter Eckl

Jeff Williams is hosting a free USA Rubgy clinic Saturday from 12 p.m. to 2 at Mills Park in an effort to get more members out for the Carson-Tahoe Blue Bulls rugby team.

Williams is the founder of the Blue Bulls and is hoping to get more members out for the fastest growing sport in the United States.

The clinic itself will be put on by Williams and the Reno Zephyrs Rugby Football Club in an effort to help fill out the roster of Williams’ new team.

“The clinic is to attract more players for the Carson-Tahoe Rugby team,” said Williams. “(The Reno Zephyrs) will come down to show these guys some skills.”

The Carson-Tahoe team will be a USA men’s Div. III rugby squad.

The clinic is designed to help show new players the basics of the sport such as scrums, drop kicks and other rules of the game.

In game action, rugby teams are made up of 15 players on the field as well as seven substitutes.

Williams is a former rugby player himself, having participated in the sport for 12 years.

Along with looking to draw interest for the team, Williams is also looking to find a coach for his future squad.

“Most of us are ex-football players or wrestlers,” said Williams. “You just kind of have to go and play it and that’s how you start picking up your skills.”

Recruitment for the Blue Bulls Rugby Team has been Williams’ mission for the last year as he tries to solidify enough players to play in sanctioned events.

Williams is hoping the team and other interested players will be set to go for a tournament in Chico, California in late November and early December.

Food will be provided after the clinic for those that attend.

Along with the clinic, Williams said the team is looking for anyone willing to get involved or is interested in helping out – such as sponsors or local support for a home field.

For those interested, you can contact Williams via telephone at (480) 228-7902.