Sagebrush cross country meet held |

Sagebrush cross country meet held

Staff Reports

Dayton Intermediate School’s sixth grade girls and eighth grade boys were among the top teams that won titles at the Sagebrush League cross country championships.

Fernley Intermediate School, Yerington Intermediate School, Silver Stage Middle School and Hawthorne Junior High all participated in the meet recently held at Dayton.

Erika Garcia ran the two-mile course in 16 minutes, 15 second to win the sixth grade girls race for Dayton. Also for Dayton, Moki Flores was second (17:05), Susana Melgarejo took third (17:31), Priscilla Castaneda placed fourth (21:20), Alyssa Marroquin was fifth (23:40), Nicole McGill was sixth (24:00), Shandra Mason was seventh (25:45) and Rhonda Haney took eighth (25:47).

Dayton’s sixth grade boys went one-two-three, but didn’t have enough runners to win the team title. Cody White was first (16:02), Connor Kirby took second (16:14) and Duff Callan was third (16:39).

Fernley’s Connor Rhyno took fifth (19:25). Silver Stage won the team title as Robbie Burgard was fourth (18:50), Warren Green took sixth (19:35), Jon Evans was seventh (19:42), Tyler Artrup was eighth (20:15), Brady Herbert was ninth (20:42) and Robbie Swain was 10th (25:16).

In seventh grade girls, Fernley went one-two as Sara Ceyanes won in 18:05 and Marissa Diaz took second in 18:28. Fernley’s Melissa Young was fourth in 29:18. Hawthorne’s Nancy LaFond was third in 19:18 and Silver Stage’s Stephanie Solache was fifth in 27:32.

In seventh grade boys, Silver Stage won the title with 22 points. Clint Von Linsowe win in 14:52.21, Zack Taylor was second in 14:52.78, Michael McDonald was fifth in 16:01, Steffan Reymann was sixth in 16:16, Bryon Artrup was eighth in 16:41 and Travis Edington finished in 20:30 for Silver Stage.

For Dayton, Alex Cupp was third in 15:06 and Rocky Goetz was 10th in 16:53. Yerington’s Kenny Skall was seventh in 16:29 and for Hawthorne, Vincent Stotts was seventh in 15:46 and Logan Espinoza was ninth in 16:47.

In eighth grade girls, Fernley went one-two as Kelsey Viola won in 22:48 and Morgan Yoas as was second in 22:59.

Dayton’s eighth grade boys went first, second, sixth, seventh, eighth and 10th to win the league title with 24 points. Rafael Rojas won in 13:36, Christian Armas was second in 14:01, Christian Avila was sixth in 14:41, Matt Aaker was seventh in 15:13, Martin Espinoza was eighth in 15:15, Yonathan Salgado was 10th in 15:31 and Levi Greer was 17th in 20:01.

Fernley’s boys were second with 42 points. Matt Arington was fourth in 14:337, Francisco Huerta was fifth in 14:39, Justin Crader-Geil was ninth in 15:29, Marco Leon was 11th in 17:11, Morgan McHenry was 13th in 17:25, Reese Baker was 14th in 17:26, Adam Serfoss was 16th in 19:45, Ray Lowrey was 18th in 22:47 and Bradley Hiatt was 19th in 23:46.

For Yerington, Tyler Waldaias was third in 14:26 and William Snider was 15th in 18:44. Silver Stage’s James Irwin was 12th in 17:19.