Seniors leave mark at Carson High |

Seniors leave mark at Carson High

Appeal Sports Writer
Chad Lundquist/ Nevada Appeal Carson Boys Basketball Team

With the 2005-06 basketball season now behind them, the Carson Senators will graduate seven seniors: Bryon Wilson, Jeremiah Teeter, Jack Jacquet, Adam Houghton, Kevin Brush, Steve Mandoki and Jake Jeffers.

Although it just missed the playoffs with a 5-9 record in the Sierra League (11-17 overall), the team- and particularly the seniors – showed a lot of hustle, energy, enthusiasm and were never short on effort.

Houghton was named to the Class 4A All-Northern Region’s second team as well as the Sierra League’s first team, and Brush was an Honorable Mention for the Sierra League team (junior Zach Weismann was also an Honorable Mention).

“I think (the seniors) have been a big part of the program. Most of them have been with me for two or three years,” said Carson coach Bruce Barnes. “The overall record is not indicative of the commitment they gave. As athletes, as coaches, we’re judged on wins and losses. We accept that. I don’t think the true value of what they’ve given us can be measured. They are great student-athletes, with a 3.6 cumulative grade point average.”

Barnes said the departure of his seniors will leave a large void going into next season.

“In high school coaching, you’re used to rebuilding year in and year out. But they’ve left some pretty big holes,” Barnes said. “They were 90 percent of everything – of our scoring, rebounds, assists. They had 90 percent of the playing time.”

In spite of their talent on the basketball court, Barnes said this group has even better things going for it.

“They’re all very good students,” Barnes said. “They’re going to excel in things much more important than basketball – which is life. They have good heads on their shoulders, a good family background – they’ll all be very successful.”

Each player will leave behind and take with him a slew of memories from his time on the hardwood, some of which were captured last Monday at Morse Burley Gym:

Name: Bryon Wilson

Age: 18

Height: 5-10

Position: Guard

Barnes on Wilson: “He’s probably the best pure shooter we had. He’s a player I wish I had for more than one year. I think he could’ve been a pretty big impact player.”

Barnes’ favorite memory: “I could always count on him to say something funny. He was a very personable young man. He overcame a lot of obstacles to get where he’s at.”

Wilson’s best basketball memory: “In my freshman year versus Reno, I hit a 3-pointer at the end. It was called back to a 2-pointer. It tied the game when we were down three, but when it was called back we lost. Also, against Wooster I had 17 points. I was just having fun. I thought I was being what I could be.”

Funniest basketball memory: “Steve (Mandoki) tripped when they called his name (before the game) at Damonte Ranch. They got his name right – they usually mess it up. He ran out and tripped in front of the whole crowd. The cheerleaders – everybody – saw him.”

Wilson on Barnes: “He knew the capability we had, so he was just not happy with most of our performances. He knew we could be a lot better, I think. He wanted us to show it.”

What’s next: “I want to go to UNR and major in criminal justice. Maybe check out forensics. See what I can do best and go from there. I took a CJ class in Tennessee. It was a lot of fun.”

Name: Jeremiah Teeter

Age: 18

Height: 5-9

Position: Guard

Barnes on Teeter: “100-percent hustle. We always knew what we were getting (with Teeter). He always created energy for us. He was willing to give up his body or anything during a game.”

Barnes’ favorite memory: “The best thing I remember is when he took a charge by a 6-7 guy when the game was already decided. It showed what kind of player he is.”

Teeter’s best basketball memory: “Probably when I won a 3-point contest in my freshman year. In the Hug Tournament, Derwin Leigh and I were in a two-person, 3-point contest. We’d shoot and our teammates would pass us the ball and we’d shoot again.”

Funniest basketball memory: “When Steve fell at the Damonte Ranch game during the pre-game ceremonies. They called his name, he came out and tripped and fell. He got back up, but everybody was laughing. He was too.”

Teeter on Barnes: “He’s a good coach. He has lots of things to say. He helped us out a lot. Some people get the wrong impression of him because he yells a lot. It’s how he coaches. It works well for him.”

What’s next: “I’m going to play baseball (for Carson ) this year (in left field). Last year I was an Honorable Mention in left field. (Then) I’ll probably go to WNCC. I work at the Community Center in the sports department, so I’ll probably want to further my career in that.”

Name: Jack Jacquet

Age: 18

Height: 6-3

Position: Forward

Barnes on Jacquet: “He thought he was the king of blocked shots. It usually resulted in a foul (laughing). He was probably the best jumper – the springiest guy we had.”

Barnes’ favorite memory: “He caught mono without a girlfriend. I didn’t know that was possible.”

Jacquet’s best basketball memory: “In my junior year I (stuffed Douglas’ 6-9 center) Keith Olsen. I grabbed the ball and threw him down on the ground. The crowd went crazy. He was going for a dunk and I grabbed him and threw him down.”

Funniest basketball memory: “Any with (2005 Carson High School graduate and Senators forward) John Gradert. He just always kept the mood light. Like when he’d yell, ‘Bingo!’ when he made shots.”

Jacquet on Barnes: “I remember my sophomore year when I came into basketball class. We were scrimmaging and stuff and there was a loose ball on the floor and I didn’t dive for it. Barnes dove on the ground for the ball right in front of me. I don’t know, I was pretty shocked.”

What’s next: “I’ll be pitching for Carson. Then I’ll go to UNR and major in engineering. I might go somewhere for baseball. I’m talking to some colleges.”

Name: Adam Houghton

Age: 18

Height: 6-0

Position: Point guard

Barnes on Houghton: “He probably had the most pressure on him coming into the year, being a three-year varsity player. In terms of play, he was our most athletic point guard we’ve had in the program. He’s a more natural two- or three-guard. He likes to play on instinct.”

Barnes’ favorite memory: “The time he actually ran the play I told him to (laughs).”

Houghton’s best basketball memory: “Probably when Coach threw the door off the hinges in San Francisco because he was mad at us. That was a good one.”

Funniest basketball memory: “When John Gradert had chafe-ass. He couldn’t run very well. Coach said, ‘What’s wrong with you, Gradert?’ He said, ‘Nothing. I didn’t wipe enough. I got chafe-ass.’ He was running duck-footed, wide-legged. It was pretty funny.”

Houghton on Barnes: “Every time (assistant) Coach (Carlos) Mendeguia told us to do one thing, Barnes said another. He was always contradicting what Barnes told us to do. We’d always get in trouble.”

What’s next: “I’m going to run track – the 800, 400, high jump and 4 x 800. Then I’m going to UNR and major in engineering.”

Name: Kevin Brush

Age: 17

Height: 6-1

Position: Guard

Barnes on Brush: “He’s the unluckiest guy I know. He walks around with a black cloud over him. He had some of the weirdest injuries/sicknesses of any player I’ve ever had. He had the mumps, an eye laceration – everything. I call him “Black Cloud.” He walks around with it over his head waiting for something to happen.”

Barnes’ favorite memory: “The first day he showed up with his eye goggles on (following his eye laceration). All I could do was not to laugh. They were funky.”

Brush’s best basketball memory: “When we beat Douglas this year at home (43-42). The game was pretty meaningful to everybody. It was a buzzer-beater. Everybody was there.”

Funniest basketball memory: “The whole Las Vegas trip last year. We went there and got snowed in and got stuck in the airport. We couldn’t fly into Reno because of the snow and we slept in the airport. It was funny afterward.”

Brush on Barnes: “After the Douglas game he was pretty excited. He told us we did what he wanted us to do to win the game. He was pretty excited about it.”

What’s next: Brush said he will attend UNR. He’s undecided on his major, but looks forward to the college experience.

Name: Steve Mandoki

Age: 18

Height: 6-2

Position: Forward

Barnes on Mandoki: “He was the most improved shooter we’ve ever had. When I first saw him, he had the ugliest shot I’ve seen in my years of coaching. He had a big senior year – he had a nice 15-foot jump shot.”

Barnes’ favorite memory: “I didn’t think he could talk. I found out he can speak – highly, too. He never says very much.”

Mandoki’s best basketball memory: “When we beat Douglas at home on a buzzer-beater (by Weismann). Because of our rivalry it was intense. People ran onto the court from the stands.”

Funniest basketball memory: “Damonte Ranch was my favorite. I went up to go out and I slipped on some water. I had to get up and just laugh it off. There was nothing I could do.”

Mandoki on Barnes: (His most vivid Barnes memory was) “When he broke the door off the hinges in San Francisco. He was more intense because we were doing real bad. At halftime, going into the locker room he went to open the door and it came off the hinges. We didn’t respond after (Barnes’ talk).”

What’s next: “I’m going to UNR or WNCC.” (He’s undecided on his major.)

Name: Jake Jeffers

Age: 18

Height: 6-3

Position: Forward

Barnes on Jeffers: “He was our best rebounder. He was undersized for the guys he had to defend. He learned to play big guys not being big height-wise himself.”

Barnes’ favorite memory: “He carried us the first part of the season. In the preseason he played better than anybody on the team.”

Jeffers’ best basketball memory: “When we played Wooster here (an 89-41 win). We were beating them by a lot and it turned into a fun game. Everyone on the team had a good game.”

Funniest basketball memory: “It’s gotta be when Steve fell at the Damonte game. There was some water there and in front of everybody he slipped and fell on the floor. Even the coaches were saying stuff to him. The announcer was getting everyone’s name wrong and I said, ‘He’ll kill your name.’ He got it right and Steve runs out and slips.”

Jeffers on Barnes: “The Las Vegas tournament this year as a whole…Off the court he’s a good guy. He’s a good friend type of guy. Games aren’t personal to him.”

What’s next: “I’m going to run track – the 200-meter (event). Then I’ll go to UNR in the fall. Maybe I’ll take something in science or chemistry.”