Seventh grade bball wins championship |

Seventh grade bball wins championship

Adam Robertson
The Churchill County Middle School 7th grade girls' basketball team won the league championship after an undefeated season. Pictured in no order are Darci Owens, Liliona Bettencourt, Baley Skeen, Kambrie Thorn, Ramona Norris, Payton Smith, Lexi Freeman, Kaiserita Otuafi, Mattea Cortez, Kaitlynn Hoffman, Skai Shults and coach Keith Lund.
Courtesy of Keith Lund |

Churchill County Middle School’s 7-grade girls’ basketball team came away champions in the Sagebrush League’s finals, dominating the competition both days of the championship.

The Lady Wave, seated as the No. 1 team, played Dayton the first day and Pyramid Lake the second. Against Dayton, they won 31-14 and 40-18 against Pyramid Lake. The wins left Fallon undefeated in league play, 10-0, 16-1 overall.

According to Fallon coach Keith Lund, both games were harder than when they played the teams earlier this season. He said Pyramid’s whole team played well and “it was a fight the whole game.” Fallon also played well, though, scoring 16 points in the first quarter; Lund said things turned around as the team became too comfortable in its lead, allowing six quick points for the Lakers.

“I got them calmed down and they were a little more careful with the ball, but it was still a bit of a nail biter,” Lund said.

The 8-grade team finished third in the league. Coach Chelle Dalager said they lost to Yerington by four points; she added the team shot 3 for 24 from the free throw line.

“That’s what the game came down to,” she said.