Sheriff’s lay down the law against fire |

Sheriff’s lay down the law against fire


The Carson City Sheriff’s Department earned first bragging rights Saturday night at Champion Speedway to what they want to be an annual event – a ‘match’ race against the Carson City Fire personnel.

With five drivers from each agency represented, along with three from the Next Media Group, drivers were assigned to a Hornet racecar. The winning agency would be determined by accumulated points from each team.

It was a great race between Tyler Randolph of the media group and Bob White from the sheriff’s department. Early leaders of the race were no match for these two. Randolph was holding a 10-car lead when White started to make his move.

White moved to the inside of Randolph’s car then out, waiting for the right moment to steal the lead. And he found it. With just two laps to go, Randolph made his move and took over the lead, much to the excitement of the crowd and Sheriff Kenny Furlong who was also watching and cheering.

After a quick tabulation of finishing position points, it was determined the Carson City Sheriff’s Department finished with 146 points; Carson City Fire Department with 130 and the Next Media Group with 88. Randolph also received a trophy for his win. The sheriff’s department will take possession of the Perennial Trophy until next year’s race.

“I was standing and cheering and laughing,” said Sheriff Furlong. “The team did an excellent job.

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“Things like this build good relationships within and with other departments and the community. I really hope this is an annual event.”

Participating in the race and in finishing order were: White (SD); Randolph (media); Sam Hatley (SD); Chris Payne (media); Chad Midgley (FD); Travis Howe (FD); Jason Tristao (FD); Dave Bobbit (SD); Cody Dellabitta (SD); John Esterling (FD); Michelle Branvoldt (SD); John Bergstrom (FD); Jeremy Smith (media).

“There was a bit of high anxiety when the winner was being announced,” Furlong said. “I knew Bob had won the race, but then I remembered it was a team effort to win the bragging rights. And they will be used for 365 days to come. It’s the competitive thing in me.”

With the match race on the book, the Hornet division raced only a main event. The 25-lap feature started with a stirring tribute to the late Hornet driver Tim Maloney, who died last week from cancer.

The main event then went caution-free – a first for this division. J.T. Stark was the early leader with Steve Moore and Robert Miller in hot pursuit. Miller moved in on Moore and on lap 19 made his move for the lead, taking it away from Stark, who was trapped by a slower car.

Miller won the race with Stark finishing second and Tony Polestina third. Rounding out the field were Moore, Andy McCool, Kim Robbins, Bill Holbert, Jason Coleman, Harris Heller, Jason Flores, John Hauck, John Galleo, Anthony Coze, Sandy Clark, Chris Walton and Bill Bernard.

The Legends were also in action and saw a new driver in winners circle.

Smilin’ Jack Randall held off a 14-car field to win his first main event this season. Young gun Denny Hadler Jr. was back to form to finish strong in the second position in the 30-lap main and Wayne Estes took the third spot.

Rounding out the field were Richard Mulagani, Katie Crome, Gary Hale, Bill Brown, Brett Holman, Rebecca Parmelee, Terry Madjeski, Tony Mora, Charly Baron, Mackena Bell (in her debut Legends race, moving up from the ranks of the Outlaw Karts) and Bob Cose.

Estes won the first heat race over Brown in second and Hale third. Madjeski won the second heat with Mulagani in second and Hadler third.

The Western Modifieds put on an exciting 40-lap feature with side-by-side racing throughout the main event. Though the race was slowed by several cautions, points leader Sammy Solari made out smelling like a rose.

As fast qualifier, Solari pulled the invert number for the main event. And, as he has done so many other times, Solari pulled the right number to place his modified on the pole.

Solari controlled the race from start to finish, holding off a strong and fantastic challenge by Craig Swim, who finished closely in the second position, with Bobby Panella taking third. Rounding out the field were Chris Mays, Gary Glenn, Matt Collier, Jeff Stephens, Dan Jinkerson, Pat Pearson, Gary Swim, Mark Tompkins, Dean Heller, Russ Cazier and Ryan Peter.

Pearson won the first heat race with Gary Glenn taking second and Solari third. Gary Swim won the second heat with Mays finishing second and Craig Swim third.

The final race of the night was the combined feature of Street Stock and Late Model Sportsman. A challenge for both series, drivers have said this improves their skills as well as sportsmanship on the track.

For the late models it was Vince Malone with the early lead and John White out in front of the street stocks. Al Goss moved his way to the front, quickly, taking the top spot on lap 7 from the rear of the field. In hot pursuit was brother Ed Goss and Chet Danburg.

For the street stocks White held the lead for nearly all the race, only to be bested by Rick Miller with just two laps to go.

Drivers raced clean and ran 4-wide on the back stretch and offered side-by-side racing on nearly every lap. Al Goss held on for the win in the late model division with Joel Worley moving up to take the second spot and Danburg filed into third. Rounding out the late model field were Kenny Crome, Malone, Spencer Emerson, Virgil Miller, Ed Goss and Bud Tackett.

“I tried new tires again and the left rear wouldn’t work,” Goss said of the set-up on his car. “I went back and put on a 2-year-old tire and had the lead in six laps. The car was so fast I just couldn’t keep it down. It was a little loose, but I made it work.”

With two laps remaining, Miller passed White on the outside line to take the lead for the street stocks. As the checkered flag flew for Goss and the late model drivers, Miller thought he also had the checkered flag, backed off the accelerator and pulled into the pits. White and the other street stock drivers continued on, with White taking advantage of Miller’s mistake to win his first feature of the season, breaking Miller’s 10-race winning streak. Glenn Davidson finished in second and Miller was recorded for third.

Rounding out the field were Gil Casper Jr. and Nellie Presser.

“The car was a little loose but it worked good,” White said. “Everything was just so cool. Rick (Miller) came over and congratulated me for the win and I told him, ‘You know how hard you worked for those 10 wins, I worked as hard for this one. It was a hard-earned win.”

White won the heat race with Miller taking second and Casper third. Driver Don Hill was black-flagged for running Miller high to the wall on the front stretch of the heat on lap 5 of the 8-lap race. He was also barred from running the main event.

Racing continues Saturday at Champion Speedway with several local divisions and the CASA Sprint cars returning for a 100-lap main event. For information, visit or call 888-9777.