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While some hate the phrase, Smashmouth believes in the philosophy of “Let the game come to you.” In other words, don’t try too hard.

It’s become obvious to us that’s exactly what Tony Kornheiser is trying to do on Monday Night Football. Kornheiser should subscribe to the theory of not trying too hard, letting the game come to him and less is more.

He’s too busy trying to keep up with the Blow Dry Hard, which is a losing proposition, since that guy will never shut up.

Mike Tirico is one of the most solid play-by-play guys in the business and we actually think a Tirico-Kornheiser pairing without the Blow Dry Hard would work since Tirico could have more time to set up Kornheiser.

We really believe Tirico-Kornheiser could rival the early days of Summerall-Madden before Madden started trying too hard to live up to his image.

But since ESPN insists on having the Blow Dry Hard in the booth, we suggest to Kornheiser stop trying to keep up with him and just pick your spots.

Let the Blow Dry Hard keep constantly stating the obvious (You don’t have to be a Norman Einstein to play this game is still one of my favorites) and you focus on the not so obvious.

If you start picking up on the subtle nuiances, it would make the broadcast better.