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Smashmouth is going way out on a limb and making a preliminary prediction that the winner of Sunday’s Denver-Indianapolis game will represent the AFC in the Super Bowl.

We’re also going way out on a limb and predicting that the Chicago Bears will not go undefeated. But we are predicting that Brian Urlacher will be the NFL MVP. Not just the defensive player of the year, but the MVP.

We’re pulling for the Colts to face the Bears in the Super Bowl because that would be a tremendous matchup. If anyone else goes to the Super Bowl to face the Bears, the final score’s going to be 3-2.

It’s still too early to count out the Steelers, although they did make Michael Vick look way better than he actually is.

The Steelers were counted out last year when they were 7-5, but then ran the table.

We believe our favorite player, Troy Polamalu, is really the only guy who can stop Peyton Manning, but we’ll find out if somebody else can stop Manning on Sunday.

We also predict that the Bears will also become the new darling of all the so-called “experts” just as New England, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh have become in recent years.

Of course we won’t admit that Pittsburgh was our preseason darling.