Sound fundamentals are key to practice |

Sound fundamentals are key to practice

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In the last few columns, we have discussed what you should be practicing — sound fundamentals with the address position and pivot motion.

These are positions and movements that golfers of all levels should practice on an ongoing basis. Where many golfers get off track is by practicing too much on the wrong thing.

For instance, so many golfers are preoccupied with keeping their head down or still. This piece of advice sounds correct but is not.

The head should not keep still or down in the golf swing, it must move where the body takes it. For most golfers this means a slight lateral and turning movement on the back swing and forward to the front foot on the forward swing.

The correct role of the head in the golf swing is that it must be allowed to move with the body. While it is true that your height must remain constant throughout the swing. A poor pivot motion and not the head itself causes poor positioning of the head.

The same is true of keeping the left arm straight. Full extension of the left on the back swing is desirable, but the inability to keep the arm fully extended is again the result of incorrect address position or pivot motion.

When you practice your golf game, practice sound fundamentals such as the address position and pivot motion. Do not let a few bad shots get you away from the game plan. Your persistence will pay off over time.

Terry Gingell is the Director of Instruction at Eagle Valley Golf Courses. For information regarding adult and junior group lessons, please call Gingell, 887-7174.