stats: Silver State Raceway |

stats: Silver State Raceway

staff reports

The results of Saturday evening’s heat races:

Mavericks – Perry, Bauer, Fuller. Legends – C.J. Bawden, Jim Bawden, Krentz, Brown. Sportsman Heat 1 – Goss, Mike Glisson (7), Gomez. Heat 2 – Baker, Paulsen, Bohemier.

Maverick main (25 laps) – Bauer, Perry, Fuller, Meerly, Rushing, Lazenby. Legends main (10 laps) – Jim Bawden, C.J. Bawden, Krentz, Brown.

Sportsman main (25 laps) – Danburg, Paulsen, Heller, Bohemier, Baker, Goss, Glisson, Dean, Scott, Gomez, Millard, Hodges, Muscanell, Cristiani.

Note: Racing continues at 1 p.m. Sunday at Silver State Raceway for all divisions. For information, call 885-2079.