Supermodifieds head to Douglas County Speedway in Oregon |

Supermodifieds head to Douglas County Speedway in Oregon

Rhonda Costa-Landers
Appeal Staff Writer

The Supermodified Racing Association drives into Roseburg, Ore., Saturday to show open-wheel race fans the supermodifieds are a force worth watching on any given Saturday night.

The high-horsepowered supermodifieds last raced at Douglas County Speedway in Roseburg in 2005. Winning the race was Mike Baisch of Utah, driving for Courtney Lewis of Reno. Baisch started the main event on the pole and nearly cruised to his victory.

Hot on Baisch’s tail, albeit late in the race, was Troy Regier of Dinuba, Calif., driving the No. 98 S&S Motorsports supermodified co-owned by Tom Silsby and Steve Shaw out of Carson City.

Regier posted fast time in qualifying and finished second in the main event.

“Troy would have done better if he hadn’t hit the wall on the first lap,” Silsby said. “He fell all the way to the back of the field.”

“The car was bent two inches on the pannard bar in the rear end,” Shaw added. “Troy kept the car on the track to get a feel of it and decided it was OK enough to stay out for the entire race.”

Regier did recover but not soon enough. He had just caught the leader on lap 38 and fell short of passing him for the win when the checkered flag flew.

Silsby said they will be trying something new for the setup on the car, something different he said.

“Which is actually something old,” Silsby commented. “We’re going back to how we used to set up and run it.”

Currently third in the points chase is Carson City resident Dale Lamborn. Lamborn, who did not make the Madera (California) race on Sept. 15, will be going to Roseburg.

“I’ve never been (to Douglas County Speedway),” Lamborn said. “But I’m looking forward to getting back in the car for some laps.”

The track, which is a semi-banked, three-eighths mile oval, will not be a points race for the series.

“I’m disappointed it’s not a points race,” Lamborn added.

“But I hear you run it like the Madera track, similar springs and gear. I’ll go out there and test it, watch some of the other fast guys, then see what works for me.”

Amy Barnes and Eric Silsby of DNA Racing in Minden will not be racing Saturday. Also, the 96 car owned by Courtney Lewis of Reno is idle at this time due to illness.

“The supermodifieds are really excited about racing at Douglas County Speedway,” said Brad Belveal, director of SMRA. The SMRA will be the new name of the series after the completion of the 2007 season.

“They’re looking forward to the race and Adam Nelson (track promoter) has been a longtime supporter of the supermodifieds. We’re trying to grow our fan base in that community because it’s an open field for racing.

“We’re all looking forward to 2008, big time.”

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About a supermodified

Chassis: Silsby and Hyder are most common

Motor: Brodex aluminum block; 410 cubic-inch most popular

Weight: All cars up to 360 cubic-inches minimum weight is 1,775 pounds with driver: Cars from 361-411 cubic-inches is 1900 pounds w/driver and fuel: Cars of 412-488 cubic inches is minimum 2,000 pounds with driver. Balance weight is 68 percent (maximum) left side weight, 32 percent right side weight

Fuel: Methanol

Tires: Hoosier

Wheelbase: 92-inch (average)

Wing: 2400 square-inches top wing; 500 square-inches nose wing

What: An open-wheel race car which runs (SMRA) on asphalt, capable of producing 800 or more horsepower

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