The address position |

The address position

Terry Gingell column

To develop a good golf swing, one that results in a square clubface at impact and repeats you must start with a good set up.

The address position has five stages: aim of the body, aim of the club, ball position, posture and grip. The first step is to aim the body and club.

To aim the body, simply stand with the feet shoulder width apart. The right foot should be perpendicular to the line of the target and the left foot turned slightly towards it. A line across the toes should be parallel to the target line.

Simply place a club across the toes to check alignment. To aim the clubface to the target the leading or front edge of the club should be at right angles to the target line. The shaft should be straight up from the ground.

A tilt toward the target of no more than a few degrees is acceptable. (A common misconception is that the club and left arm should be in a straight line; simply not true). Correct posture is a must for a good swing. The position of the body at the start of the swing goes a long way in dictating how you will move your body therefore the golfer must constantly check this


With the feet shoulder width apart, bend forward from the hips,

keeping the lower back straight. Flex the knees slightly and feel the weight evenly balanced. The spine should tilt slightly to the right; practice using a mirror. The arms should hand freely down from the shoulders.

Practice this address position on the driving range and you are on the road to more consistent golf.

Terry Gingell is the Director of Instruction at Eagle Valley Golf Club. There’s still a few places left in the adult and junior group lessons starting next week. For more information call Terry at 887-7174.