The latest list of things and individuals who make me wonder why |

The latest list of things and individuals who make me wonder why

Don Quilici

As someone who has spent many years in the Great Outdoors enjoying a wide variety of activities and having had the pleasure of reporting on those activities for years in the Nevada Appeal, I never cease to wonder at certain things or individuals.

No matter where you go or what you do or what time of the year, there always seems to be something or someone who attracts your attention.

I thought it might be fun to list some of those things and individuals that make me wonder why as to why they are what they are or who they are.

So, here’s the latest list of “I Wonder Why” questions as seen through the wondering eyes of “Little Donnie Q.”

I Wonder Why:

– Some boaters persist in trolling too close to your boat or troll on a path that crosses your fishing lines?

Could it be that your boat is invisible to them? Or could it be that they believe that they have a God given right to be wherever they desire, regardless of the impact on others? Who knows. Amazingly, some of them even give you the “One Finger Wave” when you yell at them. That’s when I would love to have a torpedo to shoot at their boat. That would get their attention in a hurry!

– The “red phase” of the Long Street portion of the Carson Street and the Roop Street traffic lights is so long in duration?

If you are unfortunate enough to arrive just as your light turns red, you had better have a tuna sandwich and a good book to read before it turns green again. The timing on those two cross-street lights is unbelievably long. Especially in the early morning or in the early evening when there is little if any traffic on the other streets. You could die of old age while waiting for that damn thing to turn green. Heck, some people have probably had marriages that didn’t last that long!

– Some many people pick on me?

My God, the list is almost endless!

Carson City: Bart Cantua of Creekside Deli, “Gunny” Benson of Aspen Archery, Dick and Wanda Biggs, Norm Budden, Deputy Chief Game Warden Rob Buonamici, Waide and Christine Dixon, Jim and Jannie Dunn of X-Pressions, Pam Joy and Robin Graber, Bob “Slick” McCulloch, Jim and Elaine McGee of the Sierra Fly Shoppe, ‘Chip” and Niki Pyle, Jim and Kathi Quilici, John Riordan of the Pinon Plaza and Carson Station, Larry and Ruby Roach, Alan Rogers and Teya Vitu of the Nevada Appeal, Chuck Selover, Craig Swope of Carson Access Television, Denny and Joan Yeskie.

Lake Tahoe: Mickey Daniels.

Douglas County: David and Margaret Biggs, Doug Busey, Ron Pierini, Gene Young.

Fallon: Tom and Martha Roberts.

Hawthorne: Bob Tompkins.

Las Vegas: Denny Selleck.

Reno: Toby Eck, Bob “Norm” Leutzinger, Lex Moser, Mickey Quilici, Les Smith, Kim Toulouse.

Washoe Valley: Carol Bailey, Jerry Ross.

Sacramento, Calif.: Dawn Rossi, Sepp Hendrickson.

Stockton, Calif.: Rick and Laura Todd.

Truckee, Calif.: Terri Turner.

Phoenix, Ariz.: Ed and Carol McRoy.

Cummings, Ga.: Peter Asher.

Come to think of it, they all have something in common: At one time or the other, I have picked on each of them. And in most cases, more than once!

Gosh….I love being a brat!

– Jim McGee always torments me on live television?

He is my co-host on the Outdoor Recreation Show on Channel 10 television in Carson City-Dayton-Silver Springs and Channel 26 television in Douglas County and loves to torment me. Worst of all, he tells horrible lies about me whenever I am absent because of a trip or an illness. Then I catch “hell” from people who actually believe those awful lies. Once, he told everyone that I was absent because I had eloped with a 21-year old intern at the Nevada Appeal. Geez…I took some real heat for that lie. Believe it or not, I really am an all-around, nice guy. Heck, if you don’t believe it, just ask me. I’ll tell you anything that you want to hear!

– Bob “Slick” McCulloch and Norm Budden, my two longtime fish partners, persist in ganging up on me when the three of us are fishing in the middle of a lake in a boat?

There are only three of us, out there. And the two of them have a ball verbally abusing me. Then, I get even with those two fools by blasting them in the Outdoor Page, which is read by thousands of people. Hmmm…I really don’t think that you will ever see either one of them carrying a 4.0 grade point average at Stanford, applying for a Rhodes Scholarship or teaching abstract logic at MIT. However I have a funny feeling that they are going to get even with me, sooner or later, big time. That is a scary thought!

– Bart Cantua, the owner of Creekside Deli, is so mean to me?

The bad news is that he has put up barriers in his parking area when he has seen me approaching in my truck, instructed his employees to bar me from making an entrance, asked me to leave once I’m seated, refused to wait on me, made disparaging remarks, ridiculed me in front of other customers and even tried to spray me with a pest remover. And all that because I “occasionally” insult him. Hell, I can’t help it if he is such an easy pigeon.

The good news is that his wife Terry always gives me a big hug and a kiss whenever she sees me.

Guess who I like the best? You’re right. It’s not that mean, bald-headed guy!

– Pam Graber uses so many different religious phrases whenever we are together?

We have been going together for about 18 months and whenever I tell her something that is absolutely outrageous or a totally unbelievable lie, she rolls her eyes and mutters things like:

“Heaven help me!”


“Oh My God!”

“God Almighty!”


Hmmm…I wonder if she is trying to tell me something?

– Well there you have it.

The latest version of some of the things and individuals who make little Donnie Q. wonder why.

– Bet Your Favorite Pigeon

Bet your favorite pigeon that he can’t tell you what percentage of the world’s surface is covered by fresh water.

If he quickly covers your bet, grins and says, “Only one percent of the world is covered by fresh water,” you lose.