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Time out with Carson’s Cameron Sievers

SCHOOL: Carson High

YEAR: Sophomore

SPORT: Basketball

Q: What are your favorite sports and why?

A: My favorite sports are basketball, volleyball and softball, but I love basketball the most. I love it because it keeps me in shape, it’s fun to play and it’s my passion.

Q: Who is your favorite pro athlete and why?

A: My favorite professional athlete is John Wall, because he is an incredible basketball player.

Q: How do you feel about drug/ alcohol testing at the high school level? Should everybody be tested or should it be random?

A: I think testing is completely reasonable. I think everybody on the team should be tested at least once during the season because they should be focused on the season, not bad things that can affect their playing like drugs and alcohol.

Q: If you saw a teammate using drugs, would you talk to her or turn her in to the coach?

A: If I saw a teammate using drugs or alcohol, I would talk to them about it and tell them to stop.

Q: What sport(s) have you always wanted to try and never have, and why not?

A: I’ve always wanted to play football, but there aren’t very many girls’ teams.

Q: Do you have any hobbies?

A: I play piano very well and like to draw and paint.

Q: Do you have a favorite TV show?

A: “Bully Beatdown” is by far my favorite TV show.

Q: What is your favorite food?

A: Sandwiches and chicken noodle soup.

Q: What is the last non-academic book you’ve read?

A: “Cold Mountain” by Charles Frazier.

Q: Who is your favorite musician or group?

A: I like Big Sean, Drake and any older rock music.

Q: What has been your most thrilling moment in sports?

A: My favorite moment was blocking a Douglas girl last year at Douglas. We lost in double overtime, but the InstaImage photographer got a picture of her shooting and it was all ball.

Q: After graduation, where do you want to attend college, and what are you looking at in terms of a major?

A: After I graduate, I’m not sure where I want to go to college, but I want to go to law school.