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Time out with Carson’s Javier Torres

Name Javier Torres

Carson High, Senior


Q: What are your favorite sports and why?

A: I like football and wrestling because I get to be aggressive, and I have great teammates to work and interact with.

Q: Who is your favorite professional athlete and why?

A: Ray Lewis because I love his poise and leadership.

3. How do you feel about drug/alcohol testing at the high school level? Should it be random or should everybody on a team be tested at least once during the season?

A: I think it works and is good the way it is now.

4. If you saw a teammate using drugs or alcohol, what would you do? Would you talk to him about it or turn him into the coach?

A: I would ask the teammate to stop and try to get the coach to help him.

5. The Olympics just ended. How much of the coverage did you watch and what sport did you enjoy watching the most and why?

A: I watched as much of the Olympics as I could, and my favorite sport was gymnastics.

6. Do you have any hobbies, and if so, what are they?

A: I love to hang with the cheer team and also dance.

7. Do you have a favorite TV show?

A: How I Met Your Mother

8. What is your favorite food?

A: Anything my mother cooks because it’s always good.

9. What is the last non-academic you read?

A: Breaking Dawn

10. If you could change one thing about your high school, what would it be?

A: Open campus for everybody

11. What sport isn’t offered at the high school level that you think should be?

A: Boys volleyball needs to come to CHS

12. After graduation, where do you plan to attend college and what are you looking at in terms of a major?

A: I plan on going to TMCC and getting my EMT certificate.