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Time Out with Gina Bianchi

Mike Houser


Nevada Appeal Sports Writer


(Gina Bianchi, a junior, is a shooting guard for the Carson High School basketball team.)

 MH: So you’ve got clippers in one hand and a curling iron in the other. Which do you use on the long hair of your coach Todd Ackerman?

GB: We call it his mane. I could never cut it. I’d have to put it into a ponytail”two ponytails. Or I could braid it up. I couldn’t cut it. It would be a sin. The world would never forgive me for that.

MH: You have a million dollars. What’s the first thing you buy?

GB: I would buy plane tickets to any place there is a good concert. I would bring my friend, (CHS junior) Katie Carlezato. We’re concert buddies. We go to all the concerts together.

MH: (Blank) is so hot.

GB: I’d have to say the sun. I’m pretty sure that it’s pretty hot.

MH: I think you’re right. You’re killing me. You’re throwing me off my rhythm. Anyway, fill in the blank. When I’m stressed “

GB: When I’m stressed, I play my guitar. I avoid doing homework. When I play my guitar, I hope all my homework and problems go away.

MH: If you could’ve written one song, which one would it be?

GB: I’d have to say any song by Paramore. They are my favorite band ever. It’s almost ridiculous how much I love them. Before a basketball game I always play “Born for This” and “My Heart.”

MH: If you could change places with one celebrity, who would it be?

GB: Hayley Williams. She is the lead singer for Paramore. It would be the coolest thing ever. She’s my idol. She gets to be with the band all of the time and go on tour, sing songs and be friendly.

MH: As quiet as it’s kept “

GB: This is tough. I can throw grapes in the air and catch them with my mouth. And I’m addicted to Slurpees ” but only from 7-11.

MH: If you could spend one day with just one person, it would be “

GB: I’d hate to go back to Paramore again, so besides Paramore … If it’s just one person, I would have to choose my great grandpa (Harold Dye). He lives in Atlanta. He’s like the smartest man in the world. I only get to see him in the summer.

MH: Talk about “Living Bianchi.”

GB: I am just living the teenage life, I guess. I hang out with friends and do fun stuff. I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but me and my friend Katie are kind of famous. We played guitar and sang in Wal-Mart. You can look at YouTube (search “Hupps and Paramore”). The people in Paramore have seen it. We were sitting in Wal-Mart in hillbilly outfits. I set up a camera on the shelf. Katie was on the spoons, I was on the guitar. We changed Paramore to country. We just had a good time until we got kicked out. We actually got through the whole song (“That’s What You Get”) before they escorted us out.

MH: How long did you plan this?

GB: We didn’t. We were just at home and bored. We got interviewed for our yearbook. We have fans.

MH: Amazing. Have you thought about what you’d like to be (after school)?

GB: After I realized I couldn’t be a Dalmatian ” I figured that wasn’t an option ” I thought it would be cool to be working at Marine World and be one of those people who get pushed out of the water by the dolphins.

MH: Hillbilly outfits, playing spoons and guitars in Wal-Mart, getting pushed out of the water by dolphins … you hold the Timeout record, whatever that is.

GB: I was just trying to help you out. I was just making up for the sun question.

MH: Thank you. Fast-forward or Rewind?

GB: I could rewind to the Douglas game (a 47-45 loss on Jan 14, 2008, in which Bianchi scored 29 points). If I could’ve made just one more basket to win it, one more three … But no, I couldn’t do that. If I could fast-forward, it would be kinda cool to be married to the men of Paramore.

MH: I’m not really sure, but if I’m hearing you, you kinda like Paramore. So you’re in a Wal-Mart in New York, singing a Paramore song, and the dudes from Paramore come up to you. What do you say?

GB: I say, “Yes, I will marry you.”

MH: Timeout or Parting Shot?

GB: (Parting Shot). I’d like to put in a quote that me and (CHS guard) Yvonne Hollett use in a game: “That’s a ‘fresher.'” I also want to thank my sister, Carli, and Michael Fox, who come to every one of our games.