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Timeout with Andy McIntosh


Nevada Appeal Sports Writer

(Andy McIntosh is a 2004 Douglas High School graduate and a senior wide receiver on the University of Nevada football team.)

DM: Senior Day is Saturday against Boise State. Can you reflect on your career at Nevada?

AM: It will be mixed emotions. I’m sure there will be sad feelings because my football career is coming to an end. Also there will be a feeling of accomplishment because there are only six or seven of us left from my recruiting class.

DM: What has been your biggest thrill or moment as a football player at Nevada?

AM: My first career catch against Fresno State my sophomore year and beating UNLV four straight years. Also the atmosphere, playing at Missouri, playing at Nebraska and playing at Arizona State.

DM: Any regrets about your career?

AM: No. I wish I could have played more on offense than I did. There is nothing I would have done differently. I enjoyed being here.

DM: What don’t a lot of people know about playing special teams?

AM: Just that it can have a big impact on a game. Fresno State last week returned a kickoff for a touchdown and it took all the momentum away that our offense had given us. People look at special teams as something that is done between offense and defense; scoring plays. It’s really important, and it can affect how the offense and defense play.

DM: What will you miss the most about leaving the program?

AM: The guys; the camaraderie. (Wide receiver Mike) McCoy and (kicker) Brett Jaekle ” there are about 10 or 15 of us that grew pretty close. Mike and I talked about how we’ve seen each other every day for five days. We’ll still keep in touch, but it’s not going to be the same not being out here every day,

DM: Do you have any interest in coaching?

AM: I’d like to at some point. I want to step away for a few years and see what I can do. Ultimately I’d like to a lot. I’d like to help out at a high school. Not as a head coach, but work with wide receivers. That would be a satisfying experience.

DM: What do you like to do away from your football and academic pursuits at Nevada?

AM: Playing video games, things like that. I see my dad once a week. We have Sunday dinner together. I’d get re-charged for the week ahead. I like to hang out with friends and get my mind off school.

DM: What was the last non-academic book you read?

AM: I read Lance Armstrong’s biography. All the things that he had to overcome; all the things he’s done in his life.