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Timeout with Brandon Briggs



Nevada Appeal Sports Writer

(Brandon Briggs is a senior goalkeeper for the Carson Senators boys soccer team. Briggs set a state record with 34 career shutouts.)

MH: What don’t people don’t get about playing goalkeeper?

BB: The pressure’s always on you. Every mistake is your fault. Every loss is your fault. And you never get any credit for the win.

MH: Talk about holding the state record of 34 shutouts.

BB: It’s a great honor. It wasn’t just me. It was the defense. The whole team helped me through. It’s awesome knowing you hold that record.

MH: (Former Manchester United goalkeeper) Peter Schmeichel is “

BB: Just incredible. He’s just a beast in the goal. He knows exactly what he wants his defense to do and he isn’t afraid to take a hit.

MH: When I need a good laugh, I turn to “

BB: (Carson senior midfielder) Johnny (Nuthall). He’s our class clown. He’s lighthearted about absolutely everything.

MH: My favorite movie is “

BB: ‘Never Back Down.’ It’s just intense. It has the right amount of fighting and love in it. You’ve got to have a hot girl in the movie.

MH: If I could’ve written one song it would be “

BB: ‘Stairway to Heaven.’ It’s just an awesome song.

MH: My favorite subject in school is “

BB: I don’t like school at all. I’ll go with anything that has to do with sports.

MH: If I didn’t play soccer, I would “

BB: Probably play football. I’d play (all positions) until I found which one I liked.

MH: What people don’t know about me.

BB: I travel to Sacramento for practice, sometimes two, three times a week just to play soccer.

MH: In 10 years I’d like to be “

BB: Playing soccer professionally ” anywhere they’d let me. EPL would be awesome.

MH: My ESPN moment was “

BB: Sophomore year I came out (of goal) for a 50-50 ball outside the box. I went to kick it out and collided with the (Reno Huskies) kid. I knocked him out with a knee to the head. You guys had (a picture of) it in the paper.

MH: Fill in the blank. ” (are) so hot.

BB: Bikini Girls. They’re just on the beach, showing plenty of skin.

MH: Fast Forward or Rewind?

BB: Fast Forward. Fifteen years. I’ll be on the beach somewhere tropical with a Victoria’s Secret model by my side and a Lambo (Lamborghini) parked out front.

MH: Timeout or Parting Shot?

BB: Parting Shot. I’m going to go out and have some fun tonight.