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Timeout with John Nuthall

Mike Houser
Nevada Appeal Sports Writer


(Nuthall is a senior midfielder for the Sierra League champion Carson Senators soccer team.)


MH: What people don’t get about soccer…

JN: Football players think of soccer as being a (sissy) sport. It’s almost as tough as football. You have to get in condition; you get elbowed, kicked. We get tackled, too, and we don’t have big-ass pads to protect us. We get turf burns instead. People don’t realize how tough it is on the field. When you miss a ball, you can kick somebody and end his career. You can step wrong and tear an ACL.

MH: (Los Angeles Galaxy midfielder) David Beckham is…

JN: Overrated. Very overrated.

MH: (Carson goalkeeper) Brandon Briggs is…

JN: Amazing. Some of the stuff he does…he can punt the ball 80 yards. When we run (penalty kicks), he’s unbelievable. PKs are a guessing game. Brandon Briggs makes it look like the easiest thing in the world. He saved one against Galena (and two against Wooster), but he guessed every time.

MH: (Fill in the blank) is the most intense guy on your team.

JN: I’d have to say Adam (Updegrove), because he comes out every day in practice and takes it seriously. He’ll say, ‘This is an important game…’ He comes out strong and with a hardcore attitude every time he comes onto the field. Everybody feeds off his energy.

MH: My favorite book is…

JN: My favorite book is ‘My Story So Far.’ It’s Wayne Rooney’s autobiography. He’s a forward for Manchester United. He’s my favorite soccer player.

MH: My favorite movie is…

JN: ‘Tommy Boy.’ I love everything about Chris Farley. I think he was the best when he was alive. If he didn’t O.D., he’d still be the man.

MH: (Fill in the blank) has the greatest job in the world.

JN: Wayne Rooney. Easy. He plays soccer for a living. That would be the greatest thing alive.

MH: In 10 years I’d like to be…

JN: I’d like to be a pro player in the English Premier League.

MH: If I could’ve written one song in the world, it would be…

JN: ‘I Ran,’ by A Flock of Seagulls. It’s different. And I love the lead singer’s haircut.

MH: TV character I’d most like to be…

JN: Chris Berman on NFL Primetime. I love all the stuff he says ” “He’s rumblin’, stumblin’…” I love how he has nicknames for everybody.

MH: If I could do it all over…

JN: I would go to Ireland and play in the Milk Cup. It’s the biggest youth tournament in all of the world. All the best players in the world (from U15-U18) come to play in that tournament.

MH: You pick one ” Timeout or Parting Shot.

JN: I’ll say, Timeout. I’ve got to (go to the bathroom).