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Timeout with Kalvin Case



Nevada Appeal Sports Writer

(Kalvin Case is a senior guard for the Carson Senators boys basketball team. The 5-foot-9 Case scored 10 points in Tuesday’s 63-55 win over Reed.)

MH: Fill in the blank: LeBron James is “

KC: The best player in the world. How physically talented and fast he is is just unseen. His physical talent is beyond Michael Jordan. But he’s not as smart and his defense isn’t (as good as Jordan’s).

MH: (Blank) is so hot.

KC: Eva Longoria. She’s so beautiful.

MH: My ESPN Moment would be “

KC: Probably starting my first game (for the varsity team) last week (against Reed). I spent two years trying to get a starting spot.

MH: After draining a game-winning 3-pointer, I’d like to say (use a one-liner) “

KC: “My grandpa always told me to flick my wrist.”

MH: If I could be one celebrity, I’d be “

KC: LeBron James, because of how big he is right now, He’s so huge world-wide, he’s changing the game.

MH: If I could’ve written one song, it would be “

KC: Probably “Travelin’ Man” by Mos Def. It’s about liking and being yourself and just being free.

MH: When I’m not playing basketball or doing schoolwork I’m “

KC: Usually hanging out with my friends or working out.

MH: (Blank) is the funniest guy on the team.

KC: My friend (senior guard) Steven Fowzer. He’s always in a good mood, no matter what. He’s always cracking jokes. Even if we just got done doing suicides, he has that personality.

MH: When I’m 40 “

KC: When I’m 40, I want to have a great family, with a great house and a great job.

MH: Carson basketball player I watched most as a kid.

KC: I just remember my dad (Fred Case) playing in the men’s leagues in Carson. He made me want to play basketball here.

MH: Last non-school book I read.

KC: Michael Jordan’s “Driven From Within.”

MH: What people don’t get about basketball is “

KC: Basketball can be more than just a game. It can be a way of life. It’s not just fun playing it. You can create something bigger than having fun, like helping kids get more healthy and interacting with others by playing basketball.

MH: When I’m stressed, I “

KC: I usually play basketball, listen to music or work out.

MH: If I had a day to spend with one person, it would be “

KC: It would probably be my mom (Cynthia Case). She’s really nice.

MH: Fast-forward or Rewind?

KC: Fast-forward to the NBA Finals, Game 7, Lakers-Celtics. I would play for the Lakers.

MH: Timeout or Parting Shot?

KC: I’ll have to go with a Timeout. Yao Ming, you’re 7-6! He misses dunks and layups. Ridiculous. He’s so tall.