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Timeout with Robert Higgins



Nevada Appeal Sports Writer

(Robert Higgins is a 2008 Carson High School graduate. The 6-foot-7, 310-pound freshman plays right guard for De Anza College, which finished 7-3 this year.)

MH: If I could block for one quarterback or running back, it would be…

RH: I want to block for (quarterback) Pat White from West Virginia. Just because even if I looked bad on a play, he’d make me look good.

MH: When I’m feeling stressed, I like to…

RH: Generally hit somebody. Since the season’s over, generally hit the weight room and lift it out.

MH: If I were in an NFL video, it would be to this song.

RH: “Indestructible” by Disturbed. It just seems like the perfect football song.

MH: Last book I read.

RH: Stephen King’s “The Stand.” I think it’s my fifth read through it. I always find something new.

MH: (Blank) is so hot.

RH: I’m going to say Jessica Simpson.

MH: But you’d have to fight Tony Romo for her.

RH: That’s OK. He can bring T.O. (Terrell Owens).

MH: (Seattle Seahawks) offensive lineman Walter Jones is…

RH: Walter Jones is the reason I love to run-block. He just gets after it, man. He’s one of those linemen that knows he’ll flatback you. It’s up to you to stop him.

MH: The thing about college I never expected is…

RH: There are way too many parties. My friends are like, “Let’s go out.” There were three parties in a night. I was like, “Holy (crap).”

MH: When I’m 40…

RH: I want to have published one book. It’s always been a lifelong dream of mine to write something people will look at and remember.

MH: Boxing or mixed martial arts?

RH: Both. I don’t care. If it’s two dudes beating the (crap) out of each other, it’s all gravy.

MH: Fast-forward or rewind?

RH: Fast-forward another year and a half. I’m at Berkeley with a full-ride scholarship to play football (for the California Golden Bears).

MH: Favorite creature food.

RH: Let’s go steak, my favorite meal choice. A big ol’ 12-ounce New York strip.

MH: Saturdays are for playing football. Sundays are for…

RH: Watching football. I wake up in the morning and turn on the Chicago Bears game, then I watch whatever game comes on after that.

MH: After pancaking a defensive lineman, I’d like to say (pick your favorite one-liner from a movie)…

RH: If I had to give a one-liner, it would be “Do you feel lucky, punk?”

MH: What’s your favorite course at De Anza?

RH: I’ll go with my astronomy class because my professor makes it an exciting thing. It’s a boring topic, but an exciting professor.

MH: Timeout or Parting Shot?

RH: Timeout. One of my white friends will be dancing to a rap song. I’ll put my arm around his shoulder and go, “You know you’re white, right?”