Topaz Lake now open for 2004 trout fishing |

Topaz Lake now open for 2004 trout fishing

Nevada Appeal Staff Reports

By Don Quilici

Topaz Lake, which is on the Nevada-California Stateline, along U.S. 395, opened the 2004 fishing season on Jan. 1.

If you have never fished at Topaz Lake, here is some information you might find useful:

To reach the lake, take U.S. 395 south from the Carson City area for about 40 miles.

You can fish from shore, a float tube or a boat.

From shore: Your best locations will be along the north end or the highway side of the lake.

Try different colors of Power Bait or nightcrawlers, fished right on the bottom.

If you like to spincast, take small lures such as Daredevils, TOR-P-DO’s, Kastmasters, etc.

From a float tube: Fly fish with small flies such as Hares’ Ears, Prince Nymph or Stone flies.

From a boat: Troll near the middle, or along the shoreline on the far side of the lake or near the rocky point by the Douglas County Campground.

Troll with silver flasher blades plus nightcrawlers or with lures such as a black/gold or black/silver, No. 5 Count-Down Rapala.

If you’re lazy and don’t want to troll, you might want to anchor your boat and bottom-fish on the south end of the lake, near the mouth of the West Walker River. If you do, fish with Power Bait or with nightcrawlers.

At Topaz Lake, you’ll catch:

Rainbow trout, up to about 5-6 pounds. However, the average size will be about 1.5-2 pounds. Last year, a 14 inch rainbow weighed 2 pounds.

you’ll also catch an occasional German brown trout or largemouth Bass, up to 8 pounds.

There are also a few Tiger trout, which is a hybrid crossbreed between a Eastern brook trout and a German brown trout.

Topaz Lake will remain open to fishing until Sept. 30.

A fishing license for either state is valid anywhere at Topaz Lake, however, if you fish on the California side with a California fishing license, you must wear it where it is visible above the waist.

Note: The lake limit is five trout, 10 mountain whitefish and a total of 15 warmwater game fish, of which not more than five may be black bass.

Also, the area within a 100-yard radius of the Topaz Marina is closed to fishing.

For information, call Chuck or Linda Fields of the Topaz Lake Marina at (775) 266-3550 or Rick at the Topaz Lodge at (775) 266-3338.