Adam Robertson
Patrick Morrow, 80, checks Luke Baker, 12, as he passes the ball during Oasis's game against Reed.
Adam Robertson / LVN |

Oasis Academy’s boys’ lacrosse team claimed its first win of the season Wednesday, beating the Reed Raiders 9-4.

The Bighorns came out strong, overwhelming Reed’s defense. Throughout the game there were several scuffles over possession where the ball would be temporarily lost from view, reappearing as someone broke from the fray.

In the first quarter the Bighorns put pressure on the opposition, keeping them off the net. Oasis took the lead with two quick goals from Joshua Carter and Nathaniel Keener. Another goal brought them to three before the end of the quarter. Reed opened the second quarter with an attack, scoring their first goal of the game. Oasis crushed their offense as Carter brought in two goals for a score of 5-1 at the half.

Both teams had tons of energy going into the second half. The players came out strong and Oasis pushed through for a Carter goal. Reed responded with a strong offense, working around the Bighorn defenders to open the door for Wyatt Wormington to shoot a goal past Oasis Goalie Brenden Leary, 6-2. Oasis pushed back with Nicholas Delgado grabbing the ball, coming around the back of the goal to shoot, 7-2.

The final quarter was the most intense as Reed fought hard to close the score. Oasis pushed through for two quick goals, 9-2. As the clock wound down the Raiders worked to score as many goals as possible. With minutes left Wormington sent the ball past Leary, then with just under a minute left Wyatt Williams nailed the final goal of the game.

Oasis coach John Keitz said the game went exactly as he wanted it to. He recalled his team had balanced scoring, rather than one person making most of the goals. They also had good defense with most of the defending players checking well and intercepting the ball.

“That was 100 percent effort from everyone the entire time,” Keitz said.

Sione Otuafi was named defensive MVP for the Bighorns and Delgado was offensive MVP. Leary was in the goal the full match; both goalies played a strong game and made several great saves.

The Oasis coach said this year’s team has been great with morale for how hard the season has been. He said he wasn’t worried about them needing the boost of a win and they still came off losses in good spirits.

“They’ve been fine … they’re just happy to be playing,” Keitz said. “It’s not like I have to worry about bringing them up because they lost a couple games. They just love to play.”

The boys’ lacrosse team has three games next week. Monday they play at Reno High School, then Wednesday they play McQueen in Fallon and at Galena Friday.

Keitz said Reno has a smart coach and usually has a great team; he recalled they were usually one of the top teams in the league.

“I expect a tough challenge,” he said. “They’ll play a tough game.”