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Waiting for hammer to drop on Cable

Darrell Moody

Wanted: Energetic, knowledgeable football coach ready to make the move to the National Football League. Must be able to work with an owner who is still very much involved with the day-to-day operation of the franchise.

If interested, go to http://www.oaklandraiders.com and click on career opportunities.

Get ready Raider fans because you will have a new head coach for the 2010 season. Given Tom Cable’s won-loss record and recent allegations regarding anger management issues especially toward women, he is through. It’s only a matter of time before managing general partner Al Davis decides to drop the hammer on Cable.

The Raiders’ organization has gone from one of the elite, successful NFL organizations to being one of the worst.

How did things get so bad so quick?

I covered the Raiders back in the days of Dave Casper, Kenny Stabler, Raymond Chester and Marv Hubbard to name a few, and the Raiders had no shortage of players all around the NFL who wanted to play in Oakland.

There are many opinions among the fans. Most say that Davis needs to step back and just sign the paychecks, and turn the day-to-day decisions over to a proven general manager. The thought has some merit, but quite frankly you won’t hear any of that from his former players. Davis treated players well, and it’s tough to come out in print and rip a guy who gave you your start in the game.

So what’s the answer?

It’s Davis’ team to be sure, but maybe, just maybe, if he rules with a lighter hand he might be able to get a more qualified coach than a Bill Callahan or Cable. There are some good names out there that would make good head coaches. Right off the bat I can think of Jim Fassel, Mike Nolan and Denny Green. All are former NFL head coaches. Fassel and Green are good offensive minds. Both have earned the right to be a head coach again. I know Fassel has applied in recent years, but for whatever reason was passed over. Nolan’s forte is defense, and I have no doubt that he will be an NFL coach again

Hiring a guy like Lane Kiffin wasn’t going to work. Too young and not enough experience. Ditto for Steve Sarkisian, who turned the job down, forcing Davis to turn to Kiffin.

I know Raider Nation deserves a better coach and a better product. The fans have supported this team well. The Raiders used to be invincible at home. Teams hated to play in Oakland. The Raiders used to have a homefield advantage.

Now, the Raiders have trouble attracting high-profile players. The players in the NFL want to play for a winner, and the Raiders are so far from that it’s not funny.

And the team’s judgment of talent?

Let’s start with quarterback JaMarcus Russell, who has been one of the biggest busts in recent memory. His quarterback rating was less than 50 the last time I checked. The money spent on him was a huge waste. And quarterback being such a key spot, you really don’t want to make a bad investment because if you do your team won’t go anywhere.