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Week 4 of Pro Picks

Staff Reports

Both the Pinon Plaza and Carson Station winners in Week 4 of the Pro Picks contest have played since it started 10 years ago, and both finally claimed their first wins ever.

— Carson Station winner Scott Moreland of Carson City had the only perfect entry form, winning all 13 Sunday games, and he didn’t need the Monday night tiebreaker to claim first place money of $250.

“I’ve played the contest since it started and was second or third a long time ago but this is my first win,” said the happy winner with a laugh. “I do follow the NFL, handicap as best I can and make what I call educated guesses on the rest. I’m usually wrong, but not this week.”

Moreland, 34, has been married to Ruth for 12 years. She is a teacher at Carson High School. They have two children, Blake, 8 and Drew, 5. They came to Carson City in 1987 from Missoula, Mont.

“We moved here when Ruth was hired by the Carson City School District,” said Moreland, who owns and operates Power Media, a Northern Nevada advertising agency. “I create and place advertising for my customers. As for my winnings, I’ll spend it on my family.”

There was a tiebreaker for second and third at the Station, and 12 Sunday winners were needed to get into the tiebreaker. Carson’s Bonnie Werts claimed second place and won $150, while Carson City’s Keith Eddy was third and won $100. There were 1,018 entries at the Station.

— Pinon Plaza winner Don Fagan of Carson City won on the Monday tiebreaker to claim his $250. It took 12 Sunday winners to get into the tiebreaker.

“I’ve been playing the contest since it started and did tie for second a few years ago but never won first place before,” said Fagan, who is 60 and came to Carson City 10 years ago. “I follow the NFL and pick who I think will win each week.”

The veteran player is the Food Administrator for the State of Nevada Department of Prisons.

“I make the food menus and monitor everything connected with the prisons,” he added. “I oversee the food for all 19 Nevada prisons. As for my winnings, I don’t know what I’ll spend it on yet but I will spend it.”

Dayton’s Helmut Rousseau took second at the Plaza and won $150, while Carson City’s Kenneth Barnett won $100 for finishing third. There were 1,124 entries at the Plaza.

— Free entry forms are published daily in the Nevada Appeal Sports section. Complete rules are published every Friday and Sunday. Winner can claim their prize money today at the gift shop where they won after 10 a.m.

CLARIFICATIONS: In the Pro Picks Contest, only the Sunday games are used for wins and losses. The Monday night game is used as a tiebreaker only. It does not count against wins or losses. All picks made in the contest are made without using the point spread.

Only in the Pro Picks Challenge, published every Thursday in the Appeal sports section, are all picks made against the point spread for each game.