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Women take week 5 of pro Picks contest

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Both the Carson Station and Pinon Plaza winners in Week 5 of the Pro Picks contest were women, and both needed the Monday tiebreaker to claim their first-place winnings of $250 each.

Pinon Plaza winner Debbie Ayres of Carson City had 11 correct Sunday selections to get into the tiebreaker and win her $250.

“I’ve been playing for three years and never got a win or even a second or third before,” said Ayres, who is 42 and was born in Santa Monica, Calif. “I try not to pick with my heart. I pick with my head. I am an NFL fan and a NASCAR fan too.”

Ayres, who grew up in Bishop, Calif., has lived in Carson City since 1981. She works for Mr. Gasket in Carson City.

“I do data entry and am the phone operator,” she informed. “As for my winnings, I’ll get some new carpet and my son Brett’s birthday is Sunday and I’ll get him a Gameboy.”

Dayton’s Guy Wooley was second at the Plaza and he won $150 and third place and $100 went to Carson City’s Ralph Bregg. There were 1,128 entries at the Plaza.

— It took 10 Sunday winners to get into the tiebreaker at the Carson Station and Carson City’s Linda Castillo won the tiebreaker to claim her $250 in prize money.

“I’m not an NFL fan and my husband Henry and my son Chris help me, but I do make my own selections,” said the happy winner. “I play hunches and have no set pattern. We all have played the contest since it started and this is my first win. Never even a second or third before this. My husband and son have both won but it was a long time ago. I think it was 8 years ago.”

Castillo was born in San Francisco. The family has lived in Carson City for 18 years. She works at the Nevada Supreme Court.

“I’m a deputy clerk and have been there 16 years,” said Castillo. “As for my winnings, my birthday is Oct. 24 – I’ll turn the big 5-0 then – So I’ll spend the money on me …. Believe me, that won’t be hard!”

Second place and $150 at the Station was won by Carson City’s Jan Moore. Calvin Wilkinson of Carson was third and won $100. There were 1,051 entries at the Station.

— Free entry forms are published daily in the Nevada Appeal Sports section. Complete rules are published every Friday and Sunday. Winners can claim their prize money at the gift shop where they won today after 10 a.m.