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Wooster should be in 3A

Darrell Moody

I read with great interest the latest NIAA realignment proposal which is currently in the process of being voted on by the member schools in all four divisions throughout the state.

I applaud the 4A proposal that has South Tahoe, Fallon and Elko moving down to 3A. None of those three teams have been competitive in many of the sports for several years, and quite truthful, having Elko in the 4A drained the travel budgets of the Washoe schools.

There was one mistake made in this latest proposal.

It was the omission of Wooster. The Colts have become an independent football team and playing a 2A/3A schedule, but have elected to stay in 4A for everything else. Because of this decision, the football team can’t play in the post-season.

Are the coaches and administrators out of their collective minds?

Wooster personnel didn’t have the best interests of its students in mind when this decision was made. Has it been reading the standings upside down for the past several years? The glory days are over at Wooster, and the people there need to realize it. Unless Washoe re-zones the schools, nothing is going to change.

The Colts are second-division in everything except baseball and boys soccer at the 4A level.

Baseball coach Ron Malcolm has run a solid program over the years, and I know he would hate to move down a level. I know the Colts would be dominant as a 3A baseball team.

Maybe dropping down a level might increase numbers at Wooster. Many kids don’t want to be on a team that constantly loses. Maybe more kids would participate if they had a better opportunity to experience success.

The only thing saving Hug from dropping down is that they are good in football, boys and girls basketball and track.

At some point the decision has to be taken out of the hands of the individual schools.

If you can’t compete at your current level, you need to move down. It’s as simple as that. This should be about the kids at all times.