Working on a good golf swing |

Working on a good golf swing

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A good golf swing is a series of positions and movements linked together in an athletic, synchronized and balanced motion.

Many golfers limit the chances of this swing before the club has moved. Standing to the ball correctly is the first link. The second link is the initiation of the swing.

Many golfers get the club off line or the clubface out of position as soon as they move it. Once the club is out of position a series of compensations and unnecessary movements must be made to overcome the bad start to the swing. Understanding the first part of the swing simplifies the rest of the motion allowing for a free-flowing swing into and beyond the ball.

The start of the swing should be a combined movement of the arms, body and hands. The triangle between the club, arms and chest move the club away together. Initially, the clubface rotates as much as the chest. As the hands move outside the right foot, a subtle hinging of the wrists takes place — this is due to the club traveling further and faster than the hands.

The reference point to the first part of the back swing is simple: As the hands swing past the right foot, the club should be level with the ground and parallel to the line of the target. At this point, the shoulders should have completed half of their 90-degree turn. The clubface should point up to the sky.

Practice this drill with the use of a mirror. See that the club

is on line with the target when it is level to the ground and you are on the way to a simple and effective golf swing.

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Terry Gingell is the Director of Instruction at Eagle Valley Golf and can be reached at 887-7174.