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York has turned 49ers into a mess

Darrell Moody

I’ve said quite often in the last two years the 49ers have been spiraling down since Jim Harbaugh left the team and the Oakland Raiders are trending up.

This past week, the 49ers keep re-inforcing my belief, and the bulk of that is because of Jed York.

York, who isn’t even 40 and only has his job because his parents own the team, said “I own this football team. You don’t dismiss owners. I’m sorry that’s the facts and that’s the case, but that’s the fact.”

Are you kiding me Jed? You know bleep about football; never played the game. Jed you should fire yourself because you made a mess of the Jim Harbaugh-Trent Baalke situation. You let the best coach the team has had since Bill Walsh leave, and the franchise has been paying for your stupidity ever since.

Jed, you should step into the background, and be a money guy only. Be the guy that tells the general manager you can or can’t afford certain players. Leave the actual football to the big boys, and trust me you aren’t one of them. You don’t know the game just because Eddie DeBartolo is your Godfather. You had your job gift wrapped. You didn’t have to work your way up like a lot of men in the NFL have had to do.

Look at Theo Epstein. He was an intern with the Baltimore Orioles, and now he’s one of the best general managers in baseball. Epstein earned everything he got. He came up through the ranks, and for that, he has my respect.

York is in the midst of interviewing potential general manager and coaching candidates. The NFL rule is tyou can entertain coordinators of playoff teams for one week (Kyle Shanahan and Josh McDaniels).

If you don’t make a hire in that seven days you have to wait until the end of the season.

Hopefully he will hire a general manager and let that guy pick the coach. The coach has to be comfortable with the GM and vice versa.


The official dedication of Tom Andreasen Court will take place on Feb. 3 between the boys and girls games against Damonte Ranch.

Andreasen is a former teacher, administrator and basketball coach at Carson High School. He coached Carson High to the 1975 state high school championship. He passed away on Dec. 5, 2015 after a fight with cancer.

Andreasen also coached at Virginia City, guiding the Muckers to a state title in 1972.


Nevada forward Elijah Foster’s domestic violence case has been dismissed in Reno Municipal Court. Foster, however, is guilty of disturbing the peace which is a misdemeanor.

The condition of the domestic battery case being dismissed is he must undergo 14 weeks of counseling which he’s doing, and according to court documents, he has already completed a number of those sessions.

The University of Nevada hadn’t responded to an e-mail at press time inquiring if Foster is able to be reinstated to the basketball team.

I’m honestly surprised the case was dismissed, based on the police report.

To me, this decision leaves Nevada with three options.

Dismiss him from the program.

Keep him on the suspended list for the rest of this season, and if he keeps his nose clean, allow him back into the program next season.

Allow him back on the team this year if he attends all of his counseling sessions, and court appointed people declare him fit (mentally).

Nevada officials said earlier this year each individual case is different, and I guess we’re about to find out how different.

I think if Foster is allowed to come back, the university will probably hear about it from women’s groups among other people.