Youth rodeo results from Elko and Spanish Springs |

Youth rodeo results from Elko and Spanish Springs

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Jarrett Peek participates in the breakaway during a rodeo in Spanish Springs.
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Elko Rodeo

JHS — 1st go:

Barrel Racing — Tylie Norcutt, 8th

Girls Breakaway — Tylie Norcutt, 7th

Pole Bending — Tylie Norcutt, 2nd

JHS — 2nd go:

Barrel Racing — Tylie Norcutt, 4th

Girls Goat Tying — Tylie Norcutt, 2nd

Pole Bending — Reese Waggoner, 8th

Ribbon Roping — Tylie Norcutt, 3rd

JHS — Average:

Barrel Racing — Tylie Norcutt, 6th

Girls Breakaway — Tylie Norcutt, 7th

Pole Bending — Tylie Norcutt, 4th

Ribbon Roping — Tylie Norcutt, 6th

Team Roping — Tayler Felton & McKenzie Raper, 3rd

HS — 1st go:

Barrel Racing — Jayden Jensen, 9th

Breakaway — Leighton Beyer, 3rd; Chloe Lambert, 6th

Goat Tying — Chloe Lambert, 2nd; Ali Norcutt, 6th

Pole Bending — Jayden Jensen, 2nd

Team Roping — Leighton Beyer & Alyssa Boyd, 4th; Chloe Lambert & Corley Raper, 8th

HS — 2nd go:

Barrel Racing — Leighton Beyer, 5th

Breakaway — Jayden Jensen, 9th

Girls Cutting — Ali Norcutt, 5th

Goat Tying — Chloe Lambert, 4th; Leighton Beyer, 6th; Ali Norcutt, 10th

Pole Bending — Macy Henke, 8th

Reined Cow Horse — Ali Norcutt, 7th

Team Roping — Matt Goings, 2nd; Jayden Jensen & Daunte Ceresola, 8th

Tie Down Roping — Matt Goings, 3rd

HS — Average:

Breakaway — Jayden Jensen, 5th

Girls Cutting — Ali Norcutt, 7th

Goat Tying — Chloe Lambert, 3rd; Ali Norcutt, 6th; Leighton Beyer, 8th

Team Roping — Matt Goings, 6th; Leighton Beyer & Alyssa Boyd 8th; Jayden Jensen & Daunte Ceresola, 10th

Spanish Springs Rodeo

Junior High

Barrels, 1st go — Tylie Norcutt, 6th; Reese Waggoner, 9th; Kaiya Heaverne, 10th

Ave — Kaiya Heaverne, 3rd

Boys Breakaway, 1st go — Jarrett Peek, 5th

Ave — Jarrett Peek, 6th

Girls Goat Tying, 1st go — Reese Waggoner, 2nd; Tylie Norcutt, 3rd

2nd go — Reese Waggoner, 3rd; Tylie Norcutt, 6th

Pole Bending, 1st go — Tylie Norcutt, 3rd; Kaiya Heaverne, 9th

2nd go — Tylie Norcutt, 2nd;

Ave — Tylie Norcutt, 2nd; Kaiya Heaverne, 9th

Ribbon Roping, Tylie Norcutt & Jarrett Peek, 6th

Ave — Tylie Norcutt & Jarrett Peek, 8th

Team Roping, 1st go — Noah Williams & Jarrett Peek, 1st

2nd go — Kaden Florez & Tylie Norcutt, 1st; Reese Waggoner, 4th

Ave — Kaden Florez & Tylie Norcutt, 2nd; Noah Williams & Jarrett Peek, 3rd; Reese Waggoner, 8th

High School

Barrels, 1st go — Grace Felton, 4th; Bethie Ikonen, 6th; Casey Ott, 7th; Leighton Beyer, 8th

2nd go — Grace Felton, 4th; Ali Norcutt, 7th; Casey Ott, 10th

Ave — Grace Felton, 3rd; Casey Ott,6th; Ali Norcutt, 10th

Breakaway, 1st go — Jayden Jensen, 4th

2nd go — Bethie Ikonen, 7th; Ali Norcutt, 10th

Ave — Ali Norcutt, 4th

Girls Cutting, 1st go — Ali Norcutt, 10th

2nd go — Ali Norcutt, 7th

Ave — Ali Norcutt, 9th

Goat Tying, 1st go — Leighton Beyer, 1st; Chloe Lambert, 3rd; Bethie Ikonen, 7th

2nd go — Leighton Beyer, 4th; Bethie Ikonen, 6th; Chloe Lambert, 7th; Leta Ikonen, 9th

Ave — Leighton Beyer, 2nd; Chloe Lambert, 4th; Bethie Ikonen, 5th

Pole Bending, 1st go — Grace Felton, 1st

2nd go — Grace Felton, 3rd

Ave — Grace Felton, 3rd

Reined Cow Horse, 1st go — Ali Norcutt, 1st

2nd go — Ali Norcutt, 2nd

Ave — Ali Norcutt, 1st

Team Roping, 1st go — Chloe Lambert & Corley Raper, 1st; Ali Norcutt & Emma Lemaire, 3rd; Jayden Jensen & Daunte Ceresola, 10th

2nd go — Chloe Lambert & Corley Raper, 3rd; Mat Goings, 6th

Ave — Chloe Lambert & Corley Raper, 3rd; Ali Norcutt & Emma Lemaire, 5th

Tie Down Roping, 1st go — Matt Goings, 4th

Ave — Matt Goings, 5th