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Sports books buoy northern and small market win in January

Fueled in part by an extra week of football action, Nevada sports books recorded their fourth-highest win of all time in January.

Bill would expand and increase penalties for deceptive trade and scam calls

Attorney General Aaron Ford is asking lawmakers to make price gouging a crime during a state of emergency or disaster declaration.

Faculty representatives say university budget cuts extremely damaging

Faculty representatives told legislative money committees Wednesday that the 12 percent budget cuts imposed by Gov. Steve Sisolak are extremely damaging to their ability to provide students a quality education.

Nevada Republicans introduce bill to raise penalties for crime during a riot

A dozen Senate and Assembly Republicans joined forces Tuesday to introduce legislation that would sharply increase the penalties for crimes committed during a riot.

New daily virus cases continue to drop in Nevada, as does positivity

The positivity rate for virus tests and the average number of new cases continue to decline in Nevada.

Lawmakers question success of Nevada's Graduate Medical Education program

Lawmakers Monday said they need a lot more information to decide whether the state’s Graduate Medical Education program is working.

PERS premium rate to rise a half percent in coming biennium

The total premiums to pay for state worker retirement costs will increase a half percent in the coming biennium.

More Nevada jobless moving into final UI program as they exhaust regular benefits

More and more of Nevada’s jobless are moving into the final category of unemployment benefits each week as they exhaust available benefits in the first two programs.

Nevada COVID numbers continue to improve

COVID-19 numbers continue to improve across Nevada with fewer daily cases and fewer positive tests.

Assembly GOP lays out legislative priorities including restricting Sisolak’s emergency powers

Assembly Republicans on Thursday laid out their legislative priorities for the 2021 session, including restricting the governor’s emergency powers and reopening schools.

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