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Strong: Peace, harmony, tranquility

In 1863, during the country's bloody Civil War, U.S. President Abraham Lincoln established the last Thursday of November as Thanksgiving Day.

Strong: No right is absolute

Some think that freedom of speech allows them to say anything, under any circumstances. This is not true.

Strong: Frustrate, anger and confuse

Nevada Republicans soon to be faced with a confusing and frustrating choice.

Strong: Running for a pardon

Being busy, even running for office, is not an extenuating circumstance.

Strong: If you call a tail a leg ...

If Republicans want to be the 'Party of Lincoln,' maybe they should try honesty.

Strong: ‘I approve this message’

President Biden had his major infrastructure plan proposed, voted on, and signed into law less than 18 months after taking office.

Strong: Fought and died for in blood

Republicans have been working for years to turn back the clock to the "good old days" of child labor.

Strong: Slavery, dignity and human rights

Several bills in front of the 82nd session of the Nevada State Legislature would enhance quality of life in Nevada.

Strong: Equality of rights under the law

In 2017, Nevada voters ratified the federal Equal Rights Amendment. In 2022, we took a bigger step forward.

Strong: To save or not to save (time)

Standard time? Daylight time? There's been arguments — and confusion — since 1918.

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