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Joe Santoro: Nevada Wolf Pack's Bosetti sees remarkable power surge

One of the greatest individual accomplishments in the history of the Nevada Wolf Pack is still going strong and, well, hardly anyone has been there to see it because of COVID-19 crowd restrictions.

Joe Santoro: The detrimental drama of Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers, maybe for the first time in his fairytale life, needs to grow up.

Joe Santoro: Now is the time to get nervous, 49er fans

The San Francisco 49ers are going to put their future in the hands of a North Dakota State quarterback.

Joe Santoro: It’s football all of the time, everywhere

The University of Nevada doesn’t even attempt to disguise its obsession with football and men’s basketball anymore.

Joe Santoro: Reed High's McGee steal of the season for San Francisco

Jake McGee just might be the best Northern Nevada high school graduate to ever pitch in the major leagues.

Joe Santoro: Nevada Wolf Pack baseball coach on predecessor’s trail

Is T.J. Bruce the right person to lead the Nevada Wolf Pack baseball program?

Joe Santoro: Alford’s many connections to NCAA tourney

The month of March 2021 could not have been the best month of Steve Alford’s coaching career.

Joe Santoro: Is Musselman the best coach in college basketball?

Is there any doubt now that Eric Musselman is one of the best coaches in college basketball? He might be the best.

Joe Santoro: The best is yet to come for Alford and Nevada Wolf Pack

One of these years we would like to know why we’ve never been given an honest answer as to why Alford doesn’t want Indiana and Indiana doesn’t want Alford.

Waiting for kickoff: Nevada Wolf Pack’s 2021 season could be best ever

The 2021 Nevada Wolf Pack football season can’t get here fast enough.

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