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Joe Santoro: Daunting hurdles for Pack's new AD

Stephanie Rempe has an opportunity to become the most important and influential athletic director in Nevada Wolf Pack history.

Joe Santoro: Did Nate Cox throw away his shot?

There is a real chance the 6-foot-9 quarterback won’t even be a member of the team this fall after his arrest last Sunday morning for driving under the influence.

Joe Santoro: Running backs will save Pack quarterback

Nevada is among the 13 Division I teams with the worst quarterback situation in the entire country, according to ESPN.

Joe Santoro: Pack basketball changed forever

The Pack now has to worry about also losing its best players to any school that can waive the potential of more money and exposure in front of a player’s nose.

Joe Santoro: Time for Pack’s Wilson to move on

Ken Wilson’s loyalty and devotion to Chris Ault seems to have reached scary levels.

Joe Santoro: Pack needs offense before nickname

An offense can’t earn a nickname, after all, until its players earn a starting job.

Joe Santoro: In the end, Strong got what he wanted

Carson Strong’s biggest enemy is his right knee and it will likely haunt him for the rest of his professional athletic life and beyond.

Joe Santoro: Strong latest Pack QB to get no respect

Throwing the football, apparently, doesn’t mean as much in the NFL as it once did.

Joe Santoro: Steve Alford vs. the transfer portal

"We could be sitting in the middle of the worst off-season in Nevada Wolf Pack men’s basketball history."

Joe Santoro: Norvell helps pay Wilson to replace him

The first two years of Ken Wilson’s roughly $1 million-a-year contract, after all, will be paid for by Colorado State and former Pack coach Jay Norvell.

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