Letter: State workers have nothing to cry about

As usual, the state workers are crying about pay raises of 5 percent and 3 percent. They get medical, sick leave added to vacation time if they don't use it and in some states, government and county workers get cash if they don't use either.

Almost every month they get a four-day weekend with pay. If they have a hangover or toe pain, they can take days off with pay. They are known to not work hard and even go home early or get to work late; coffee breaks galore or personal phone calls galore.

I worked in dirt work construction as a truck driver and operating engineer, and in 44 years, I never had a coffee break, half-hour lunch, no getting off the rig to gossip, snacks and water while driving only. Bosses can cuss you, fight you, fire you for getting stuck or making any kind of mistake.

I was union all this time, and we only got vacation if we had the hours and then never in the summer as we were forced to work as seasonal. If you get sick, you lose your job. We had medical only if we had the hours and never any sick leave, no pay.

We also never ever got paid for a holiday. We had to take the holiday off but no pay and the next day work again while the state, county, government workers still had two or three paid days to play.

If I didn't like a job, I would quit it and look for another. Move on, do not stay at a place you think unfair to you and cry. Also, after the state, county, government worker has been gone on sick or vacation leave 30, 60, 90 days of free money, I as a boss would have to say we got along without you all this time so that proves we don't need you. Goodbye.

Cuts down on tax monies if you only keep the hard working devoted workers. In the real union construction world, the saying is, "After I die, I want to come back as a state, county or government worker."

Union workers only get a retirement if they have big hours. Some guys who worked 30 and 40 years have only $150 to $300 a month income and when you take a retirement from a union, you will lose your medical for life and never get a raise or COLA on your measly retirement check.




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