Dr. Howard C. Krivan jr.


A tribute to my dear, sweet brother who I love so much, from his one and only sister Kathleen.

He was an accomplished successful PhD, Microbiologist, scientist with numerous patents, and a tenured professor at the University of Maryland who taught bioterrorism.

He had never been severely sick, or in the hospital - yet died unexpectedly last year from this ugly, deadly virus; before they were even testing for this.

He was a very humble, kindhearted, caring and giving person. Handsome, had great charisma, and a beautiful smile.

I was blessed with the best brother and friend a sister could ever have. We were very close, and I was so proud of him. He indeed was special. He looked out for me, helped me, and was always there for me my whole life...we had so much fun together.

He was so gifted, smart, a great athlete growing up and an accomplished piano and drum player, who enjoyed scuba diving and surfing.

I wish God did not have to take him away so soon.

I still cry for him every day.