Jim Valentine: Real estate media confusion

Establish your priorities, make your goals, create the vision and act.

Gaming win tops $1 billion 14 months straight

The Carson Valley area, which includes valley portions of Douglas County as well as the capital, managed a small increase of 2.23 percent, raking in $11.8 million.

Cortez Masto seeks Biden help protecting Nevada solar jobs

U.S. Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto is asking for the Biden administration’s help in protecting Nevada’s solar industry jobs.

Carson City unemployment falls to 3 percent

In Carson City, the work force totals 25,410 with 775 seeking employment.

Newspaper: 2007 Nevada tax change cut cost of property deals

At least two dozen or so transactions in the Las Vegas area, totaling $27.5 billion, have closed since 2007 without any publicly reported real estate transfer taxes

Ask Dirk: How can I troubleshoot my system for warm weather?

After sitting dormant all winter, your air conditioning unit may have issues starting up. Before you call for service, try these troubleshooting tips.

Two-thirds of Bently holdings in Douglas hit market

Several Bently Enterprises properties are being listed for sale along with the Distillery and all the ranch property.

Kelly Bullis: How to make a great story

Keep the gratitude, wonder and adventure meters running on high. Don’t get grumpy or discouraged. Look for the unexpected joys in the journey.

Oregon mining boom could be a bust for sage grouse

An old supervolcano straddling the Nevada-Oregon state line is laced with some of the highest concentrations of lithium in the United States.

Jim Valentine: More on Nevada living

Nevada’s esoteric laws are not only part of its history but are an essential part of its character that makes it the place we call home.

Ask the Dog Trainer: Zoomies are a learning moment

We love our gentle Missy, but why does she erupt into a leaping, squirming, zig-zagging menace each evening?

Opening nears for Reno-Sparks' first new casino in 26 years

Legends Bay Casino is scheduled to open sometime this summer at the Legends at Sparks Marina along Interstate 80.

Kelly Bullis: IRS tax withholding estimator

If you want to adjust your Federal Income Tax withholding, up or down, the IRS has created a tool to help you.

Stellar Snacks of Carson City overcomes pandemic

Company that was 48 hours from closing is now growing so fast it is trying to bring wheat growing to Northern Nevada to avoid supply issues.

Carol Perry: Uncertainty causes anxiety

You have no control over most of what happens in markets (and life).