Kate Johnson: When life gives you peaches, make chutney (recipe)

Chutney is an item that many folks simply do not know what to do with … so this helps them out.

Southwest Gas donates $10K to Carson Jump Start

Jump Start allows students to complete their senior and junior years of high school simultaneously during their freshman and sophomore years of college.

Jim Valentine: The change is coming

Beginning no later than Aug. 17, Realtors must sign a contract with buyers before they show them a property.

Reno land broker sees room for more builders in market

Mark Krueger has been a land broker since moving to Reno in the mid-1990s to help kick off residential development in South Meadows.

Kelly Bullis: Tax credits on plug-in hybrid cars

Starting in 2024, you can get the tax credit for purchasing a PHEV at the dealership, rather than waiting until you file your tax return.

Michelle Palmer: Healthy chilled potato corn salad (recipe)

FYI corn is high in carbs, however, it’s also high in fiber, vitamins and minerals that can help balance blood sugar levels.

Carson City median home price rises as sales slow

Sales of single-family homes in Carson City slowed compared to the previous month and the same time period last year.

Kelly Bullis: Economic update and prognostications

Even a bean counter can see some things when they are obvious enough.

Update: Polecat Tavern grand opening cancelled

Polecat Tavern, Carson City’s newest live music venue, has announced the cancelling of its grand opening previously slated for Saturday.

Jim Valentine: The rest of 2024

Halfway through the calendar year of 2024 we take pause to celebrate Independence Day before we buckle down to continue our 2024 experience.

Partnering opportunity: Work starts on building in North Valleys

Mohr Capital of Dallas and Standard Real Estate Investments of Los Angeles recently announced a partnership to construct a speculative industrial building in North Valleys.

Eastern Canada is on chamber travel radar next May

It’s time to get to know our Canadian neighbors better, and the eastern portion of Canada is a good start since the cities we will see on this tour were the first to be established when present day Canada was founded in the late 15th century.

Brandon Kealoha: Korean cucumber shrimp cocktail (recipe)

Brandon Kealoha is executive chef and general manager of J’s Bistro in Dayton.

Renewable energy projects on books in Northern Nevada

Recently announced projects are slated to add more than 1,100 megawatts of solar energy and storage to the state’s power grid.

Kelly Bullis: IRS free filing program is now permanent

One benefit to the IRS, it pretty much guarantees that anybody who files with Direct File will not be audited.