Letters to the editor for October 16, 2021

Letters to the editor of the Nevada Appeal published Oct. 16, 2021

Maxine Nietz: Slaughterhouse would impact quality of life

"This slaughterhouse at the east entrance is a travesty..."

Trina Machacek: A freezing adventure

"This week though was remarkable enough that pulling you in just could not be passed up by me."

Robert Rupp: Managing shoulder pain, rotator cuff injuries

Shoulder pain is often related to rotator cuff injuries.

Faith & Insight: Father, brother and comforter

The Christian doctrine of the Trinity is one of the most precious and vital truths we know about God.

Guy Farmer: A slaughterhouse for Carson City?

Why should Carson City do Douglas County's dirty work?

Past Pages for October 16 to 19, 2021

Carson City history from the archives of the Nevada Appeal.

Mariko Rajamand: Take charge of your breast health

Beginning at age 40, women should get a mammogram every 1 to 2 years.

Dr. Matt Boland: Stress, anxiety, and depression during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has made a lot of people feel lost, anxious, depressed, or just feeling higher levels of stress in general. During this time, it has been easy to lose track of fundamental aspects of oneself, especially during periods of lockdown or closures. This includes your sense of who you are and your sense of purpose in life. When this happens, a lot of everyday routines can become overwhelming.

Letter to the editor

The Infrastructure Bill is a joke. Only 25 percent of the money is slated to go to actually repairing our infrastructure. The rest is so full of "pork" that the Democrats could start the

Dennis Cassinelli: ‘Prehistoric global warming’

The following information is proven factual by many scientific studies. Prehistoric mankind arrived in the Great Basin near the end of the last major Ice Age. The melting glaciers and moist climate of the time created Ancient Lake Lahontan and a vast network of lakes and marshes teeming with fish and waterfowl. The early human inhabitants lived along the shores of the lakes and marshes, fishing and hunting mammoth, mammals and the abundant waterfowl.

Past Pages for Oct. 13-15, 2021

A man named Rolf was knocked down by a passing train in Gold Hill night before last and received what are regarded as serious injuries. He was drunk.

Jim Hartman: GOP’s abortion law blunder

Texas Republicans have blundered into handing Democrats a potent issue for 2022.

Trina Machacek: Droning on and on

I say the word drone and you probably picture a flying thingy with whizzing tiny propellers and a plastic shell for a body that is probably white with black accents.

Faith & Insight: Expect the unexpected

There is one thing that we have all learned from the last two years — nothing ever happens as expected.