Penelope Ann (Penny) Custis

April 27, 2024

I am writing my own obituary to help my family. I died April 27, 2024 from heart failure.

In 2009 my heart was damaged by chemotherapy for non-hodgkins lymphoma which changed my life forever.

I was born in Greenwich, Connecticut in 1951 and was raised in Old Greenwich. Great place to grow up. After college I lived in Boston but soon realized city life was not for me. So, I moved to Vermont which is still my favorite state. In 1980 I drove to South Lake Tahoe with some friends. In 1983 I moved to Carson Valley. I always thought I'd move back to Vermont until I met Mark, my husband. Being with him was my happiest time of life. I love him dearly. And don’t forget our dogs. Mark turned me into a dedicated dog lover. Our family was complete with a dog.

A special love to my best friends Teri (my sister-in-law) and Jylian (my yoga guide). They listened to all my whining and uplifted my spiritual and physical health. My spirit will keep an eye on them.

A thank you to Dr. Chryssos, my cardiologist, for keeping me alive longer than I imagined. He demonstrated compassion and knowledge. I leave behind my sister Suzi and my niece Meghan. Also, my favorite mother in-law, Kathy.

For my husband Mark and our dog Gracie, I look forward to the day we can all be together at the cabin in the Ruby Mountains. My spirit will be close to you. Look for the signs. I love you both. Keep a smile on your face and make someone laugh.

(No services are planned)