Celia (Sally) Ramirez Santowski

December 20, 1943 - March 13, 2024

Celia (Sally) Ramirez Santowski, better known to family and friends as Sally, died of natural causes, in Carson City, NV, at the age of 80 years, on March 13, 2024. Sally was born on December 20, 1943, in Los Angeles California, the daughter of Edward and Frances Ramirez. Sally later moved to Carson City, Nevada, where she has lived for more than 40 years and is survived by her son, Mario Santowski, and four sisters, Kathy Shaw, Odessa Ramirez, Irene Morrison, and Susan Ramirez. Sally had one grandson, Jacob Ramirez, and several nieces and nephews, namely Vince Lopez, Gina Lopez, Steve Thompson, Carlos Mastin, Cecelia Mastin, Albert Ruiz, Amina Provencio, and Travis Ramirez.

Sally was a gifted, artist, loved her dogs, loved growing a garden, cooking and eating, going on adventures and beyond that she was an extraordinary storyteller. Sally loved making people laugh, even through her own pain and suffering. Everyone loved Sally. She will be missed by everyone.