Lauren Solinger

Page Designer

With Nevada News Group since 2016


Job duties:
When people ask me what I do at my job, I explain to them I basically get to play Tetris all day. Which is partially true: I am one of the designers who get to take the text from our writers, and the images from our photographers, and fit them all nicely on the page. Every day I have new little “puzzles” to solve in how to bring the news in a way that’s compelling, easy to read, and fits as much content as possible into each edition. Each day I get to see first-hand what our community is about, reveling in stories about local politics, new restaurants, weather reports, and fun events I can go to with my family. I’ve lived here 20-odd years and I have never felt as connected to the community as I have working here. Shoutout to everyone who continues to support our little news company, the Appeal has been around for more than 150 years and we have no plans to stop anytime soon. When you get your news and advertising from us, you help several local community members and their families, as well as support the time-honored tradition of being a trusted community resource.

About me:
I moved here in 2002 and grew up right here in Carson City. I went to the University of Nevada, Reno to study art, photography, and graphic design. For funsies I enjoy video games, going to the movies, roller blading, and creating mixed media art featuring embroidery and paint. I’m a lifelong Disney fan and spend an unusual amount of time watching horror movies with my best friends and our cats. I’m always down for some BBQ from Red’s or browsing one of our many little antique shops.

2023 Nevada Press Association Awards
• First Place General Excellence – Lahontan Valley News
• Second Place General Excellence – Nevada Appeal
• First Place Page One Design — The Record-Courier
• Second Place Page One Design — Lahontan Valley News
• Third Place Page One Design — Nevada Appeal

Designs by Lauren Solinger