Commissioners to make decision on redistricting boundaries

YERINGTON -- The lines for the county's future commissioner districts will be determined on Thursday.

The realigned districts will remain in place until after a new census is taken in 2010.

Producing five districts of equal population in a 2,000-square-mile county with wide ranging population centers, separated by broad expanses of less populated areas, has created a formidable task for the Lyon County commissioners.

Adding to the difficulty is the disproportionately large growth that has occurred in the northern portion of the county since the last reapportionment 10 years ago.

Nine maps have been presented for public review. Options include districts extending from Smith Valley to Dayton; Yerington to Dayton and Silver Springs; and the combining of current commissioner districts, eliminating the positions of current commissioners and creating open district seats.

In order to create districts of approximately 6,900 residents, Fernley, Dayton and Silver Springs, the county's fastest growing areas, must be divided at some point into separate districts. Where these communities will be divided has been the greatest source of contention among residents.

Commissioners are elected by a countywide vote, but must reside within their district. The new boundaries will take effect for the 2002 elections. If current commissioner seats are combined into a new district, the commissioner with the greatest amount of time left in his/her term will assume that seat.

The special hearing will be held at the Administrative Complex, 27 S. Main Street, Yerington, beginning at 6 p.m. Thursday. For information call 577-5037 (Dayton/Silver Springs) or 463-6531.


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