$8 million sewer, water improvement program moves ahead

DAYTON - Lyon County is moving forward with an effort to raise $8 million to improve sewer and water services.

Lyon County commissioners last week authorized the publication of notices informing the public of a bond proposal to raise the money. A public hearing will be scheduled at a later date.

The state Debt Management Commission on Sept. 6 approved the proposal.

The bonds will fund 12 projects in the Dayton and Mound House areas.

According to Lyon County Utilities Division Manager Mark Clarkson, none of the projects are within special improvement districts and most of the money will be spent on new projects.

"Most of the money, except for the rehabilitation of the Mound House water system, will be for new development and do not qualify for most grant funding," Clarkson told the board.

The $400,000 allocated toward the Mound House system is the county's matching contribution to state Assembly Bill 198 grant funding. Total costs for this project, including grants, is $2.9 million.

The remaining projects include:

- A water line connecting the Rose Peak area with the Six Mile Canyon Road area. ($450,000)

- A water line connecting the Rose Peak area with the Dayton area. ($750,000)

- Installation of a 2 million gallon tank in the Six Mile Canyon Road area and connections to the Rose Peak/Six Mile water line. ($600,000)

- Addition of a Biological Reactor to the Rolling "A" Wastewater Treatment Plant, providing up to 300 connections. ($1.4 million)

- Add irrigation discharge systems to the Rolling "A" plant, providing up to 300 additional connections. ($1 million)

- Installation of a 1,000-gallon-per-minute well in the El Dorado area and connect to the Dayton water system. ($275,000)

- Installation of a 1,000 gpm well in the Rolling "A" area and connect to the system. ($250,000)

- Add a well treatment unit in the Rose Peak area. ($500,000)

- Add a Biological Reactor to the South Valley wastewater treatment plant expansion, providing up to 1,000 new connections. ($1.4)

- Construct facilities to provide sludge drying, hauling and disposal. ($500,000)

- A lift station and force main to transport effluent from the North Valley plant to the Regional plant. ($400,000)

The bonds will be repaid through new user connection fees.


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