Books donated to Carson City Library

Two books were donated to the Carson City Library by the Carson City Republican Women's Club.

Library Director Sally Edward srecieved the two books from Marian Setterfield, chairman of the Mamie Eisenhower Library Program, a memorial honoring the former first lady. The annual program was started in 1961 by Mamie Eisenhower, with the National Federation of Republican Women to offer books reflecting Republican philosophy and beliefs and presenting outstanding personalities plus reflecting the free enterprise system and American history, heroes and patriotism.

The program has spread to the many clubs in all 50 states with annual donation of books and tapes to local libraries and schools. The Carson City club began the program in the early 1970s and has continued every year since then.

War On The West, By William Perry Pendley - Government tyranny on America's great frontier, is pictured. Pendley is an attorney living near Denver. He points out that a series of disastrous policies has threatened a uniquely American way of life which has enriched our nation's culture and economy. These policies have taken a toll on ranchers, loggers, miners, recreationalists, mills, farmers, wild-life management and the livelihoods of the people who live in western states. Sen. Ben Nighthorse Campbell of Colorado said there is far more government in public land management than most people ever wanted or are comfortable with. Pendley fairly presents both sides of the environmental impact of the U.S. government's impact on takeovers of private land and that most people are exceptionally good stewards of their land and its most precious resource, water.

The second book presented to the city library is: American Virtues, Values and Triumphs, by Publications International Ltd., Louis Weber, CEO This beautifully printed book has sections on freedom, perseverance, compassion, honesty, faith, ingenuity, humor, loyalty, friendship and courage. The photographs are outstanding as well as the poetry, stories and documentaries. It reflects on the best of America and can be enjoyed by adults and students and young people equally.


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