Border patrol agent shoots suspected alien smuggler after being run down

DULZURA, Calif. - A suspected immigrant smuggler was shot in the face by border patrol agents after he ran them down with his vehicle.

The shooting occurred Friday around 9 p.m. when agents approached a car suspected of containing undocumented immigrants, said border spokesman Jim Wainer. The vehicle was about two miles northeast of the U.S.-Mexico border, he said.

''The driver then attempted to run agents down, striking both,'' Wainer said. ''The agents were able to regain composure and defend themselves by firing their weapons.''

Officials found three people in the trunk of the car, he said.

One of the agents was taken to a local hospital. His condition was unknown, Wainer said. The other was treated and released.

A medical helicopter transported the alleged smuggler to Sharp Memorial Hospital. Spokesman Gustavo Friederichsen said Saturday he was listed in serious condition.


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