Carson City on a mission to pick up your leaves and limbs

Ah, autumn. That season when the leaves begin to fall and fall and fall, and humans are compelled to leave their houses and make sure those leaves don't pile up.

It's a losing battle for sure. But for those of you fighting with the debris nature scatters around your yard, the Carson City Street Department wants to help.

City crewmen will work their way through the city starting Monday at 7 a.m. Leaves must be bagged and limbs must be less than 6 feet long and tied in bundles so crews can throw them onto trucks. There is no specific day or time when the crews will swing by your house between Monday and Friday, so have everything ready and on the curb Monday.

Do not leave household garbage, appliances or furniture on the curb because city crews are on a mission solely to help clean your yard.

If your house is missed, call the street department at 887-2345 early Friday and a truck will be sent to your address.

If raking and bundling don't sound appealing, you could make mulch by throwing leaves, dirt and any other thing that will decompose into a bin and wait for winter to mash it together for spring fertilizer. Or you can put leaves on your flower beds and let them turn themselves into fertilizer. For information on mulching and compost techniques, call Carson City's University of Nevada, Reno Cooperative Extension office at 887-2252.

What: Carson City Street Operations Department Fall Cleanup

When: 7 a.m. Monday through Friday

Where: Citywide, put your leaves on the curb Monday. City crews will take them away sometime during the week. If they miss your house, call the street department early Friday at 887-2345, and a truck will be sent to your house.


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